Who needs chocolate with these healthy Easter gifts?

By: Apr 14, 2014
Healthy Easter gifts

As delish as cream-filled eggs and pastel coloured candy can be, they aren’t the healthiest option for your children.

Regardless of what Easter means for you and your family, chances are that one thing that is often a big part of the celebration is chocolate and candy. As delish as cream-filled eggs and pastel coloured candy can be, they aren’t the healthiest option for your children. But what are you to do when the kids are expecting Easter treats? We’ve got some healthy alternatives for you that are so good that they won’t even miss the chocolate!

5 Healthy Easter Gifts for Children:

#1 Plastic Fillable Eggs
Any child who believes in the Easter Bunny will be expecting colourful eggs left in special hiding places. But who says they need to be filled with sugar to be a hit? Dollar stores and party retailers carry fillable plastic Easter eggs for next to nothing. Fill them with tiny toys, stickers, or a special piece of jewellry to commemorate the day. Nuts, seeds, and dried fruits are some other healthy goodies that fit perfectly into a plastic egg!

#2 Homemade Cookies in Easter Shapes
Choose a recipe for a cookie that is low in sugar and high in fiber and use cookie-cutters or a knife to cut them into bunny and/or egg shapes. Use raisins or other dried fruits to add details to dress them up. A yummy and healthy option that you can surprise them with or make together this Easter!

#3 Easter-Themed Colouring and Activity Books
Fill an Easter basket with Easter-themed colouring and activity books along with crayons, coloured pencils, and stickers. This is something that your kids will continue to enjoy after the last hot cross buns have been eaten and the pastel coloured decorations are put away!

#4 A Visit to See Real Bunnies and Baby Chicks
What child would pass up the chance to visit some real bunnies and sweet little baby chicks for Easter? Plan a visit to a petting zoo or farm so your child can interact with the real thing instead of chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks!

#5 Decorate and Enjoy Real Eggs
Your children will love spending time decorating their own eggs. Boil a dozen eggs and use all-natural food colouring found at health food stores or made at home using recipes easily found online. They can colour them or even use stickers to decorate them. And when they’re all done, eat them up! Use them to make little egg salad sandwiches, deviled eggs, or as an addition to salads at Easter dinner.

Enjoy these easy and healthy Easter gifts this year and for those to come!