Melt away stress in 5 minutes or less: 10 Simple techniques

By: Mar 24, 2014
Melt away stress in 5 minutes or less: 10 Simple techniques

We’ve rounded up 10 ways to relieve stress in 5 minutes or less.

You’re stressed and you need a vacation. A long weekend at the beach soaking up some sun is just what you need right? But what if you can’t get away. Luckily, we’ve rounded up 10 ways to relieve stress in 5 minutes or less.

1. Drink Green Tea: Green tea is touted for its weight loss properties, but it also helps relieve anger. How? It is loaded with L-Theanine, which has been shown to help reduce feelings of anger.

2. Eat Chocolate: Yes, you read that right. Chocolate is the ultimate comfort food, and now science has proven it. Eating about 1.5 ounces helps reduce cortisol levels and stabilize metabolism.

3. Nosh on a Mango: Mangos not only taste great, but they help reduce stress by infusing your body with a relaxing compound known as linalool. So while you’re sitting in the lunchroom at work, visualize you’re on a tropical island enjoying a fresh mango. Just remember to wipe your chin when you’re done.

4. Try a Crunchy Snack: Stress causes many people to reach for the nearest sugary or salty snack. But research shows that eating the right kind of crunchy snack can calm the nerves and help you feel more relaxed while increasing your health. So next time you’re feeling anxious, reach for some almonds or healthy trail mix.

5. Sleeping on the Job: There’s a reason why many corporations have sleep pods on sight. It’s because a well-rested employee is a happy, productive employee. You might not work somewhere with a pod, but you can always head out to your car or shut your office door for a quick 15 minute nap.

6. Meditate: Meditation isn’t just for gurus and hippies anymore. In fact, many successful executives and athletes meditate to combat stress on a daily basis. All it takes is five minutes per day to visualize, concentrate on your breathing, and feel the stress of the day melt away like hot wax.

7. Breathe: Deep breathing has been shown to fight off the physiological manifestations of stress like rapid heartbeat and increased cortisol levels. Taking 3-5 deep breaths where you fill your diaphragm with air followed by a slow exhale can help your body relax and enter a state of relaxation.

8. Listen to Music: Feeling stressed by a pending deadline, annoying coworker or screaming child? Put on some relaxing music and get lost in the good vibes.

9. Creative Visualization: This is just a fancy term for finding your happy place. Take a quick five minutes and daydream about whatever it is that makes you happy.

10. Rub Your Feet on a Tennis Ball: Leave the racquet at home and just bring the tennis ball. Take your shoes off and give yourself a nice foot massage right on the spot.

Which technique are you going to use? Leave your comment below.