The strangest weight loss tricks that help you lose weight

By: Apr 18, 2014
The strangest weight loss tricks that help you lose weight

Implement these tricks, and before you know it, you will be well on your way to a slimmer you.

If someone told you sniffing fruit in the produce aisle of the grocery store could help you lose weight, would you believe them? Well, you should. There are unusual habits and tricks of the trade that actually help people lose weight and keep it off. Take a look at some of the strangest weight loss secrets.

Sniff Bananas or Apples
While you may feel uncomfortable at first, when you see the results you’ll sniff away. Research shows that people who sniff their food more often are less likely to consume as much at one sitting. Also, sniffing foods, such as bananas, apples, or peppermint can help you feel less hungry during the day. The theory behind this weight loss secret is that the smells trick the brain into believing you are eating – even though you’re not.

Eat In Front of a Mirror
While most people refuse to eat in the bathroom, hanging a mirror near the dining room table can do the trick. Research shows that eating in front of a mirror decreases the amount of food people eat by over 30 percent. Apparently, gazing into your own eyes reflects inner goals and reminds you of the standard you set for yourself.

Avoid Red and Go Blue
Colour is a powerful stimulant or suppressant when it comes to eating. The common belief is to avoid a red kitchen or you’ll soon find yourself packing on the weight. Most fast-food restaurants surround you in shades of scarlet, but if you want an appetite suppressant adorning the walls of your kitchen – stick to blue. Adorn your table in a blue cloth, serve dinner on blue plates, and even set out the blue napkins. Avoid warm colours in the dining area, such as orange, yellow, and red.

Indulge on the Right Foods
Rather than indulging on chips and soda or cake and candy, stick to the approved foods. Red wine and a piece of dark chocolate may scream overindulgence, but in fact, both are antioxidants that actually help to release fat. You may find it easy to overindulge, so don’t. Stick to consuming moderate quantities, but allow yourself the treat of dark chocolate and red wine after a meal or special occasion.

Do as the French Women Do
Recent studies have shown that French women, conscious about weight-gain, implemented a new method of their own to keeping themselves under control while out to dinner. The tick involves wearing a ribbon, tied securely around the waist. The ribbon reminds the woman of her tummy, especially when it tightens after a meal. When it gets too tight, it is time to stop.

Avoid the Scale Like the Plague
Trying to lose weight? Avoid the scale – at least for the first few days. The numbers may not budge for a few days, which leads to discouragement. It is best to stay away from the scale and focus on results that matter, like looser fitting jeans or a slimmer face.

Implement these tricks, and before you know it, you will be well on your way to a slimmer you.