The best methods for removing summer stains

By: Jul 11, 2014
The best methods for removing summer stains

Here are a few tips from laundry gurus to get rid of stubborn summer stains.

Summer days have arrived, providing more time for you and the family to enjoy the great outdoors and beautiful sunshine. During the summer months you may find yourself doing more laundry, especially if stubborn summer stains arise. Here are a few tips from laundry gurus to keep you on tract during the summer months.

Here’s how to remove summer stains and keep your laundry looking fresh and clean.

Grass Stains
Grass stains may be one of the most stubborn stains to get out of clothing. The best method is to begin soaking the article for thirty minutes prior to washing. Soak the clothing article in a sink or bucket with water and detergent. Rub the area with a washcloth or scrub brush before putting it into the washing machine. If the grass stain is not removed after one wash, soak the article again and repeat the cycle if necessary. Do not put the clothing item into the dryer until the stain is removed.

Mustard Stains
Everyone loves mustard or catsup on his or her burger or hot dog, but no one likes the dollop of color slopped on a new white t-shirt. Accidents happen so it is best to be prepared. Apply a pre-treater to the stained area or use an eyedropper filled with diluted vinegar to bleach out the stain and allow it to fade. Place the item of clothing in a washing machine and complete the cycle.

Perspiration Stains
Sweat stains are embarrassing but easily removed. New perspiration stains may be pretreated with a liquid soap or detergent and washed normally in the washing machine. If the stain does not eliminate, sponge wash the area with a tablespoon of ammonia mixed with one cup of water. Older stains may require extra attention, such as white vinegar and water, which creates a bleach-free stain removal solution.

Sunscreen Stains
Plan on wearing your little black dress atop your swimming suit? If so, be aware that not all sunscreens are created equal. Some of the oily brands leave spots if it comes into contact with your clothing. If sunscreen causes a stain, apply a spot remover or pre-treat the clothing article with liquid soap or detergent and wash it in warm water per your normal routine.

Wine Stains
Wine stains, depending on how large or how old, may require a pretreatment of laundry detergent. Soak the stain for approximately thirty minutes in warm water and detergent. If the stain does not let up, use a mixture of ammonia and water. Older stains may require a bleach-free solution of one tablespoon of vinegar and half-cup of warm water. After the stain has soaked in the solution, introduce the article of clothing to the washing machine and run through the cycle.