Don't let unexpected health hassles ruin your vacation

By: Jul 14, 2014
Don't let unexpected health hassles ruin your vacation

Here's a list of the most common health issues that arrive while on vacation and how to solve the problem, quickly and efficiently.

Your swimming suit is packed and you've just received your mani-pedi. You are ready for vacation. But, did you plan for the unwanted health concern? Probably not. That's why fifty-percent of vacationers get caught in trouble every year. They haven't given a second thought to health issues and the problems that may arise when on vacation. Here are a few tips to ensure your vacation is not ruined.

Heartburn or Acid Reflux
If you suffer from acid reflux you are probably prepared on what to pack and how to stay comfortable. But, even those who never battle heartburn may do so when on vacation. Let's face it; you may be eating rich foods that you are not accustomed to. Be sure to pack an over-the-counter remedy and avoid eating late at night. Drink lots of water and stay active, even while on vacation.

Muscle Strain
Even if you are relatively fit, muscle soreness and strain may occur while on vacation. Long walks or hikes can cause aches and pains in muscles you never knew existed. To combat muscle soreness while on vacation, have an ice pack handy. Ibuprofen may be needed for pain.

Heat Exhaustion
Fun in the sun is likely on vacation, but so is heat illness. Be sure to seek shade if you feel dizzy after being in the sun for a prolonged period of time. Keep a bottle of water available and remain hydrated. If symptoms persist, be sure to contact 911 and seek medical attention immediately.

Motion Sickness
Whether riding in a car or enjoying a boat ride, motion sickness takes the fun out of even the best vacations. The best cure for motion sickness is to stop it before it begins. Prevention is critical. Over the counter anti-nausea medications are wonderful for stopping motion sickness before it begins. If you are prone to motion sickness while riding in the car, be sure to sit in the front seat and avoid the backseat. Take deep breaths to increase oxygen levels and munch on snacks to keep the vomiting at bay.

Blisters on the Feet
If you do a lot of walking on vacation, be sure to pack the right kind of shoes. There is nothing more problematic or painful than feet draped in blisters. Save the cute sandals for another time and wear comfortable shoes that don't cause pain. New shoes should be broken in before wearing them on vacation for prolonged periods of time. The new shoes can rub and cause painful sores on the feet. If you opt for new tennis shoes, be sure to wear cotton socks to prevent sweating and chafing.