Help for a happier workplace

By: Aug 29, 2014
Help for a happier workplace

A kinder and gentler work environment is good for the team, not to mention you.

No one said you had to be friends with your co-workers outside the workplace, but a friendly atmosphere can help you and your work production. A kinder and gentler work environment is good for the team, not to mention you. Here are easy ways to make your workplace a happier one.

Tip 1: Offer a friendly hello
Are you a non-morning person, who plows through the office with shoulders slumped, making a beeline for your cubicle or workspace? If so, try something new. When you arrive at work, make a habit of smiling and greeting everyone in your path. Your colleagues will shift their negativity elsewhere and receive your welcome. A little morning friendliness goes a long way.

Tip 2: Ask for their opinion
Even if you aren’t seeking a lot of advice, people love to be asked what they think or how something should be handled. People love to feel needed. Go out of your way to ask your colleague’s opinion. For example, ask how you think you should handle a particular situation with a client. Then offer your advice-giver a prompt thank you and let them know how the situation turned out.

Tip 3: Avoid the rumour and gossip mill
It’s no fun being the target of gossip. So return the favor by not offering up juicy talk about those you work with. When a coworker meets you at the rumor mill, take a step back and find a place of freedom. Do not engage in workplace gossip. You want your coworkers and colleagues to respect and trust you, not avoid you like the plague. Once you’ve been labeled the office gossip, it’s hard to change the power of public opinion.

Tip 4: Don’t be afraid to share a compliment, or twenty
Did you notice Joe fixed the printer again? Has the secretary dropped a significant amount of weight? Instead of ignoring the small things, offer a compliment to your coworkers for their accomplishments – both personal and professional. We often focus our attention on the things people do wrong, instead of the right.

Tip 5: Always acknowledge those that deserve it
Ever heard the saying, “give credit where credit is due?” This is a mantra that should be applied to the workplace, often. If a coworker did something credit-worthy, offer a compliment and make sure others are present to hear. When you give credit to the person who deserves it, teamwork is promoted in the workplace. Also, if someone else, particularly a boss or supervisor, give you credit incorrectly, be sure to acknowledge the person who deserves it. Correct the wrong and you may gain even more respect from those around you.

A few quick fixes and your workplace can change overnight from a negative environment to one of warmth, kindness, and respect. It’s all up to you. Are you ready?