What is vestibular rehabilitation?

By: Dec 12, 2013

I've heard of vestibular rehabilitation, but what is it?

Vestibular rehabilitation can help with dizziness and vertigo symptoms.

If you are like other people who suffer from dizziness or vertigo you may be having difficulty getting a diagnosis. Your doctor may have sent you for tests, referred you to specialists or given you medication without any success in determining the cause of your symptoms.

Many different disorders can cause dizziness and each case is unique, which makes a diagnosis difficult.  If your doctor can determine that the cause of your dizziness is the inner ear, Vestibular Rehabilitation is likely appropriate for you.

Vestibular Rehabilitation is non-invasive and uses simple exercises to allow the brain to compensate for the inner ear. The exercises should be prescribed by a Registered Physiotherapist who is trained specifically in Vestibular Rehabilitation. The program can be done at home with follow up visits to progress the exercise program as appropriate.

Vestibular Rehabilitation is highly effective if the exercises are done as prescribed. Improvement of symptoms is usually noticed within the first couple of weeks.

Many people who have vestibular problems become fearful of going out of their house, driving and doing normal daily activities. Vestibular Rehab will help to restore your confidence and gradually return you to the things you enjoy.