The happiness of pursuit

By: Jan 30, 2015
The happiness of pursuit | Art of Yoga Studios, Waterdown, ON

The pursuit of happiness…OR…..

Since I heard this a couple of days ago, it’s been replaying in my mind over and over. Some days I feel like I’m ticking the boxes to feel like things are getting done, are we ever done, finished? I think we’re in constant flux, starting and finishing many things. It really boils down to attitude, how we pursue that list or life event….trivial or life altering.

Have you ever stripped wallpaper, not a fun job when little tiny pieces are giving you a hard time, then, you manage to snag a huge piece and your heart leaps for joy….it’s not a life altering event, however it is a moment of gratification. My point is all those small moments prepare us for how we handle the big things, because life is mostly a series of everyday small things.

If we pursue each little thing with a heightened sense of awareness and presence, causing our spirit to be lifted many times on a daily basis, isn’t that happiness? A soul that shines bright, not necessarily burning at a 100 watts continuously, but a light always there ready to burn a little brighter in the happiness of pursuit, is a soul at peace.