By: David Hurkens, CBT, Mar 12, 2015
Bowen Treatment | Aldershot BTC Health Centre

What is Bowen Treatment and can it help with pain management?

Promoting pain relief

Bowen Therapy is a hands on technique. Gentle and relaxing yet extremely effective. Used worldwide, Bowen recognizes the human body as a self-healing organism. Given the right stimulus, the body can often repair itself and alleviate a myriad of painful structural conditions.

Bowen Therapy may be successful in treating sports injury, frozen shoulders, neck pain, sciatic pain, hay fever, asthma and migraines. Bowen Therapy soothes muscle spasm and affects the circulation and lymphatic systems. The technique stimulates the acupuncture points and meridians and promotes improved functions in the body’s systems like digestion, respiration, hormonal and nervous systems. Bowen Therapy is safe to use on anyone from newborns to the elderly and is profound in producing lasting relief from pain, discomfort and imbalance which may be blocking an individual from healing.

Often only a few sessions are needed to correct the presenting problem.

Day in and out, I lived with this pain! I wasn’t living my life to its fullest, which led to depression more days than not. I would pray for a cure daily, or at the least some way to help manage all the pain and state of mind I was in. I sought solace in pain killers and mood adjusting pills but after a short time the pain killers lost their effectiveness. This is when I started looking for alternative treatment options but none offering real lasting relief. I tried everything from RMT to Chiropractic treatments until one day I read an article about Bowen Therapy and decided to try it. Nothing to lose and boy was I surprised. After the first visit I noticed some relief and after just 5 weekly visits I was actually PAIN FREE.

I was so impressed with the effectiveness of Bowen Therapy that I decided to become a practitioner so I could bring other people the same kind of relief that it brought to me. I’m now and avid mountain biker, which I could never have considered before with all the pain in my back, legs and shoulders. Biking is just something I heartily enjoy but it has also helped me lose some weight and build back muscle I had been losing over the years. All of these factors have left me healthier, stronger and even happier than I’ve been in a long time.

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