Why Footcare For Seniors is So Important

Why Footcare in Seniors is So Important, Ontario Foot & Orthotics

Feet are your foundation, no matter what your age is

When it comes to the health of seniors, a lot of attention is on mental, cardiovascular and immune health. However, tending to the feet can be a really important way to promote comfort, mobility and dignity.
Your feet can also be the first sign that you have specific problems. Diabetes and vascular disease, for instance, can lead to poor circulation, infections and poor healing of scrapes, cuts and bumps to your feet and lower legs. Arthritis may also show first in the feet, as with gouty arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Foot problems can also lead to changes in how you walk, potentially increasing your risk of falls.

Tips for Good Foot Health:

  • Pay attention – Make sure to be aware of how your feet feel and look. Are there any cuts/ulcers, ingrown toenails, blisters, persistent itching? If these are present, make sure to inform your physician and chiropodist for proper care.
  • Make sure the shoes fit – Improper shoe size can contribute to foot pain, blisters, calluses and bunions. Try shoes on before purchasing them; walk in them to make sure they feel right. The back of the shoe should not slide up and down when walking, avoid tight fitting shoes. Low-heeled shoes are safer, provide more comfort and are less damaging than high-heeled shoes. Select shoes with uppers that are soft and flexible. Don’t forget about getting correctly fitted compression socks and hosiery. (Click here to read our post on selecting a good shoe).
  • Regular foot care – Walking, stretching, foot massage and warm foot baths can all assist in the proper circulation to your feet. Make sure to keep your feet dry before wearing shoes.
  • Watch for common problems – Fungal infections, dry feet, bunions, corns and calluses, in-grown toenails, swollen feet, hammertoes, neuromas, bone spurs, etc. Seek the care of a foot specialist, known as a chiropodist – they can help prevent, assess and treat problems affecting your feet.

Ujala is a certified chiropodist who graduated with a B.A. from McMaster University in Biological Anthropology and then went on to attend The Michener Institute of Applied Health Sciences where she received her advanced diploma of Health Sciences in Podiatric Medicine.   In good standing with the College of Chiropodist of Ontario, she possesses clinical experience in both private practice and public health. In 2011, Ujala completed the International Interprofessional Wound Care Course through the University of Toronto and is now a certified wound care specialist. 

Ujala practices at Ontario Foot and Orthotics - Milton and Ontario Foot and Orthotics - Cambridge where she offers a variety of foot care services that include general foot care, custom orthotics and orthopaedic shoes, diabetic foot care, wound care, warts and fungal infections, ingrown toenails, various surgical procedures, compression stockings, and more