Jaw Misalignment & Headaches

By: Dr. Rose Nagra, Mar 30, 2020
Jaw Misalignment & Headaches, Dr. Rose Nagra

A misaligned jaw might be the cause of the headaches you've been getting...

A misalignment of your jaw joint caused by misaligned teeth, can initially present it’s self as headaches, tension headaches, aches in the chewing muscles and may also present as pain to chewing hard or chewy foods. If you are getting constant headaches it might be a good idea to check with your dentist to see if this is the issue.

Patients may over time avoid enjoying the foods they love. An evaluation of your TMJ, and your oral health can ensure we are providing solutions that can get you back to a pain free lifestyle.

Dr. Nagra has been treating patients in the US and Canada for the past 10 years. With an understanding that every person is unique, Dr. Nagra approaches dental care in a genuine and personal way. She will explain the treatment options that best apply to your needs and desires.

Born and raised in Alberta, she completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Calgary. She then graduated from Boston University School of Dental Medicine, before being accepted into the post-graduate training program in General Dentistry at UCLA. Dr. Nagra now practices as a general dentist at Ambiance Dental, in downtown Calgary.

In her free time, she enjoys reading, spinning and experiencing new cultures and cuisines while travelling with her husband. She has enjoyed helping out locally with the United Way and Calgary Drop-In Centre.