Understanding Home Energy Cleansing

By: Ms. Ayse Hogan Sep 17, 2015
Understanding Home Energy Cleansing, The Chakra Healing House

Out with the negative, in with the positive!

What is Energy Cleansing for Your Home?

Today’s fast-paced world can create stress, resulting in less than ideal behaviours, actions and thoughts between family members or residents of your home. Challenging situations that transpire in your home can darken everyone’s mood. Your entire house is similar to a sponge which can absorb then negative energies. 

An Energy Cleansing will wipe away lingering unpleasant sensations that may have built up in your home.

Energy Cleansing Will Restore Harmony in your House:

  • After an argument
  • In a new home, it will clear the negative energies of the previous occupants
  • When an occupant moves out
  • After a divorce or break-up
  • When you bring antique or second-hand furnishings into your home
  • Any time you desire fresh energy for a new project or beginning
  • After a renovation
  • When you feel the presence of dark entities

How Energy Clearing Works

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” -Albert Einstein

Metaphysics, a philosophy developed to help us understand the nature of our world and what it means to be human has helped give us a greater sense of the connection between our physical world and the world beyond our five senses. it goes beyond a religious understanding of our existence. There is a reality beyond our physical perception that can be quite noticeable in your home environment. If you feel heavy with negative energy or if you have an unwanted entity in your home, an Energy Cleansing can clear all the negative energy in your home.

Try an Energy Cleansing to remove negative energy and replace it with positive energy for a much happier and comfortable home environment.

Ayse Hogan is much more than a genuine caring certified healer. She’s a dynamic and passionate soul who is bursting to share how complimentary and holistic therapies can help people rise above even the most insurmountable challenges! She knows this through her own experiences. Ayse is a Reiki Master/Teacher. She is also certified in Past Life Regression, Interlife and Spirit Release, Thai Reflexology and is in the process of obtaining the Hypnosis certification.

She is the owner of The Chakra House of Healing Inc in Southampton, ON where she facilitate the process to bring balance to her clients not only practically but holistically…helping to balance their finances and their chakras and spirit.