States of Reality While Dreaming

By: Sheri Phillips-Snaychuk Oct 15, 2015
States of Reality While Dreaming, Sheri Phillips-Snaychuk

We are quite productive while we sleep...

Many of us can agree that the six weeks of hot weather is beautiful during the day but can make it harder to sleep at night. A few nights ago, not only was I finding it difficult to sleep but because I was having interrupted sleep, I was also having very strange dreams. Actually, they were more than a little weird; they were down-right disturbing.

When I awoke in the morning I realized something interesting… I had remembered in many of the dreams I was having I was doing therapy on myself and taking care of myself by checking in on what was happening in my body and what I was feeling. Strange, I know but also somewhat brilliant. Strange things were happening all around me and I was having the constant sensation of not being able to get away or out of the way (no control) so I utilized what I did have control over; what my body was feeling and doing. I could not stop, change, intervene with what was happening in my dreams, but somehow I used what I can do while awake when faced with the same sensations and experiences. To do everything in my control to calm my nervous system down so that I can be present and do what it is I need to do at that moment. I am still taken a bit aback with this experience, but it is nice to know I have my back not only in my awaken state of being but also in my REM (dream-like) state of being. 

To quote my mentor, Dr. Sandra Parker (Vancouver BC)… “Our best preparation for any further moment is to be fully present now.”

Sheri, owner of Sheri Phillips-Snaychuk Counselling Services in Vancouver, BC has been helping people in the field for over ten years working in a multitude of capacities from individual counselling, research, assessment, and foster care support. Her passion, experience, and expertise focuses mainly around trauma, suicide, and depression, however, she has helped people with other or similar issues.
Sheri deeply believes, and is committed to, the healing ability of people and that people can overcome great pain and suffering through one’s own strength and through dedication in relations with other people and within the therapeutic relationship.

She is highly regarded for her compassion, care, curiosity, non-judgmental stance, insight, dedication, and patience among her clients.

Sheri's goal is to help clients to reconnect with themselves and to come to a deeper understanding and way of being in the world. Pain and suffering can be transformed by developing a different way of being with one’s self that is nurturing and caring.