Do more. Feel Good. Live Longer.

By: Maxim Dorneval - Personal Trainer Oct 02, 2015
Feel Great, Live Better, Do More

Appropriate exercise and nutrition trains your body to move more efficiently.

Appropriate exercise and nutrition, rather than depleting your energy stores, actually serves to enhance your state of alertness, increases your physical endurance, and trains your body to move more efficiently. Being physically active and nutritionally balanced leads to better sleep, easier sleep-to-wakefulness transitions and the ability to do more of the things you love with people you love.
Not long ago, a personal training client of Max’ told him about his recent annual camping trip with his buddies and how he had amazed everyone with his boundless energy. “This year, I finished unloading my car so fast that I was helping the other guys with their stuff. And when we went kayaking, I felt like I could go for hours! All the guys were asking what had happened to me. These past 5 or 6 months of personal training have really made a difference to what I can do and how much fun I can have!”


It’s a well-documented fact that physical activity has a significant impact on your body’s chemistry, boosting your levels of “happy hormones” and flushing away “depressive hormones”. Along with a change in mood, self-esteem and self-confidence also increase, and with that, the potential to meet life challenges in a more positive and effective way. One MAXIM FITNESS member describes the ‘feel good’ factor this way: “I noticed that when I started consistently training my body, I began to feel something I had never really felt before. I can best describe it as a contented hum, radiating from the core of body – maybe kind of a like a guitar string that is perfectly tuned?”


There are no shortage of studies that show that physical activity decreases the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other such predators. Among other things, aerobic exercise gets blood moving faster through the body, reducing the build-up of harmful substances that would clog our systems. Strength and resistance training improves muscle, bone and joint health, reducing the risk and impact of age-related degeneration.
Imagine yourself 20, 30, 40 years from now. What would you like your life to look like? How do you want to feel? What actions are you taking to make this a reality?
Watch this space for regular posts written to help you DO MORE, FEEL GOOD, and LIVE LONGER.

Maxim Dorneval is a certified personal trainer with 13 years of valuable experience in the field. His highly effective method of training and unique style developed out of his years of education, training, and self-discipline.

As a certified personal trainer with a Physical Education degree, Maxim is committed to helping his clients achieve their personal fitness goals. He is determined to train his clients to be in top physical condition and to motivate them in maintaining it. His training also includes educating his clients on the many advantages of regular exercise.