Understanding Vertigo Treatment

Understanding Vertigo Treatment, InFocus Rehabilitation Centre Inc., Physiotherapy, Vertigo

My doctor told me that I have vertigo. Can this be treated?

The answer is yes!

One of the most common causes of vertigo is BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo). It is very common and easily treated by a health professional with training in Vestibular Rehabilitation.

How is it caused?

BPPV is caused when calcium carbonate crystals, normally housed in a sac in the inner ear, fall into one of the semicircular canals. When the head is moved in certain directions the crystals will move and cause the brain to think you are spinning. There is a simple, painless head maneuver that is done to put the crystals back into the sac where they belong.

What should be done?

A full assessment should be done first to ensure that this is indeed the cause of your dizziness. The maneuver is highly effective and 1-2 sessions is usually sufficient. Please see a Registered Physiotherapist with advanced training in Vestibular Rehabilitation for successful treatment of this disorder.

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