Is Using A Microwave Safe?

By: Kelly Bentley - Advanced Holistic Health Practitioner May 11, 2016
Soulely your Holistic wellness, Burlington

The Science of Microwaves and What They’re Doing to Your Body

Microwave ovens are dangerous and damaging to the food and the body. Microwaves actually alter the molecular structure of a food to a state that the body no longer recognizes as a food source, thus has to alter processing within the body, detoxification systems turn on, cells are reconstructed in an altered in a damaged fashion from food eaten out of a microwave.

The result in poor cellular structure. What we eat literally creates our new cells as the old ones die. The use of microwaves helps to cause cancer causing free radicals to enter the body.

Once you become healthy enough, you will instantly be able to tell when you eat something that has come out of a microwave. It immediately activates the immune system and stresses the body to a point that you can actually feel this when you become tuned in to your body enough.

The way a microwave heats food is that is oscillates the water molecules back and forth at an extremely high frequency (along the lines of a billion times per second) which literally shocks the food and tears it to pieces on a molecular level.

When we are putting damaged molecules into our bodies, it results in our body’s creating damaged new cells. We are creating all new cells with everything that we are feeding ourselves.

Another things about microwaves are that they do not heat food evenly. This is very important when consuming meats, especially when you do not know who farmed the meats, or the source of the meat. If the food is not cooked evenly, you greatly increase the risk of a parasite infection which is extremely common among people today. Most have parasites and aren't even aware that they do!

If you use a microwave as frequently as four or more times per week, the immune system is under a tremendous amount of stress. One of the things you’ll find if you pay close enough attention is that people who use microwave ovens a lot often have joint pain.

All of the damaged food molecules taken into a body overloads the immune system and the undigested food particles (called antibodies) settle in the regions around the joints where the micro capillaries for circulation are so small that the food particles get stuck and the immune system then goes in and attacks those while a person is at sleep, and thus they tend to wake with achy joints.

There are many people who tell me that they just use microwaves to heat their water or tea. I do not recommend that at all. Water has an almost infinite capacity to carry information. When you blast water with microwave energy, it basically retains the chaos of the signal, and transfers that into the body, which is made up of over 70% of water and liquids, thus throwing the entire body into a state of chaos.

Cell phone communication is microwave communication, and there are mountains of research showing that microwaves, at very low doses (when you compare a cell phone to a microwave) cause brain cancer.

Bottom line - this is an unhealthy way to prepare your food, especially when you are putting good quality food in one!

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