Bloat Free and Energized!

By: Dr. Elisabeth Bastos ND Oct 31, 2016
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Does Gluten cause bloating?

Pasta can be a sore spot.... literally !.... for individuals trying to beat belly pain and trying to keep a healthy weight. About 25% of the population have difficulty metabolizing Wheat and a smaller percentage Gluten. Not to mention that commercially made gluten free pasta can often have tons of genetically modified corn and potato that often cause more problems ....

But, now-a-days you can find pasta made from everything it seems, that is grain free and virtually intolerance free! So you can have pasta even if you are Paleo! Made from beans, peas, lentils, chick peas, soy beans.....your choices to be intolerance and bloat free are becoming endless! Avoiding your core chemistry food intolerances will help your energy soar and your immune system sing and the best part is that the results seem to be lifelong from what we know at this time when done based on the Carroll Method !

What to do?

Based on my experience since 2005, it seems that most are NOT intolerant to the following pasta types, so take a try at these:

Lentil pastas (found at health stores and even costco),
Rice and Quinoa based pasta (health stores and costco),
Black bean pasta (health stores),
Check pea pasta (health stores).

Rice pastas also tend to be comfortable for everyone but they tend to lack the nutritional components that these other options have, so I tend to avoid over mentioning them to the people I care about.

Empower yourself in knowing what foods are creating toxins based on your genetic makeup, I would be happy to help. To learn more about this simple process and what other tests are available contact us or follow this link:

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