Is Post Meal Fatigue Normal?

By: Dr. Elisabeth Bastos ND Oct 25, 2016
Bastos Natural Family Centre, Gurlph Ontario

What is post meal fatigue, why does it happen?

Have you ever heard someone say that it’s normal to feel tired a half an hour after eating or that perhaps you just ate too much?  I found this to be an inaccurate statement as when you know the right moves this simply doesn’t happen!  I can almost guarantee you that if you’re tired after eating, then you ate something that your body chemistry is not appreciating or maybe you just loaded up on sweets or caffeine that may be giving you a crash. 

Eating right for your specific body chemistry also translates into a smaller waistline as this becomes part of an “anti-diet” that allows the body to focus on energy for other measures such as breaking down your fat cells instead of using up a huge portion of energy just to break down foods that you don’t have proper pathways for. 

This is a heavy topic that we will only skim on here, and it is based on the oldest Naturopathic Assessment since the 1920s, the Carroll Method, which is done on an individual via blood sample and has proven thus far to be lifelong information.  Note that this information, is not based on an immune reaction that can change based on the immune being healthier or distressed… and one does not need to eat the food before having this kind of assessment done in order to get accurate results, as it is based on how you as a digestive machine were built from conception.

A key point to never forget, is that once you have your results in hand, or if you are just going to wing it, to see if removing any the following categories happens to help you,…make sure you have an accountability partner ie. Someone who is doing it with you for encouragement and support, or make sure you have a mentor that fully understands and gives you practical grocery store and recipe coaching based on the Carroll Method (the most reliable in my opinion).  You will only succeed as well as the strength of your supports.

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