5 Things to do to prevent injury when starting to lift weights.

By: Tom McAleese, CPT, Nov 16, 2016
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Starting to lift weights? Do them safely!

 Before starting ANY exercise routine, it is always a good idea to do a personal assessment:

  • What are my goals?
  • What is my current activity level?
  • Do I have any current injuries?
  • Have I had past injuries or operations that may be affected?

Below are the 5 things to do in order to prevent injury when starting to lift weights:

1. If you are unsure about any of these things, it is best to see a doctor before you start.

2. Determine your goal (muscle mass, weight loss, toning, etc.) and make sure it is realistic.

3. Start out slow and steady – don’t rush into heavy weights just because 10 years ago you were using that weight. Give your body time to adapt.

4. Work out with a buddy. Make a date to meet at the gym at a certain time. You will not just be letting yourself down if you don’t go. Use it as motivation to not let your friend down. They will be doing the same.

5. Adequate rest. Get 7 or 8 hours sleep every night and schedule 2 or 3 days of “active rest” so you don’t injure yourself. As you spend more time lifting weights, you will find you can reduce your days off/active rest.

Tom McAleese is a Can-Fit Pro certified personal trainer since 2009 and Transportation Technology teacher since 1997. He is now the owner and operator of Diamond Fitness Personal Training in Simcoe, Ontario. Tom can be reached at: 519-410-2713 or diamondfitness@live.com

Tom is a Can-Fit Pro Certified Personal Trainer. His life is dedicated to fitness and all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.  At 47 years of age, he has many years of experience in reaching personal performance goals.  As a client, he will assist you in reaching your maximum potential!

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