My friend used hypnosis for stress release, how does that work?

By: Better Health Clinic Nov 22, 2016
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Is hypnosis the same as meditation?

Meditation has been shown to have many health benefits, helping people relieve stress and restore inner peace. 

But many people do not know the benefits of hypnosis as a tool to help people with stress reduction.  Hypnosis like meditation, directs you into a slower brain wave state that is associated with calm and relaxation. 

But unlike meditation, where the aim is to keep you in the present state, hypnotists work with your past or perceived future, as most of what people worry about is either about past events, or what they think might happen in the future. 

The focus of many hypnosis sessions for stress are changing how the mind thinks, and improving how the body feels and reacts to past, present and perceived future stressors.

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