Shake up your cells for better circulation!

By: Dr. Elisabeth Bastos ND Dec 16, 2016
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Shake up your body's cells!

For years I've been set on the idea that circulation and moving the body is so key to allowing a person to function and feel at their best. 

Now with being able to actually see the cells and blood in action using Live Cell Analysis I know that this is 100% true, that we need to move our body's, shake up our cells to allow our immune system and cells in general to run at their best.

With sitting for a long time every day being a reality for most of us and time becoming ultra-tight with our schedules my mission was to find ways to circulate the cells and blood while understanding real life inhibitions to moving the body the traditional way for 1.5 hours per day... as was once the recommendation !

Hence this neat gadget became at part of my health routine and I now offer its use in clinic.

It is claimed that a vibration plate is researched to improve cellular circulation at a deep level, improve the balance of and release of "happy hormones".  Relax muscles and act as a workout.

I personally use this unit and so does my family.  My kids had a bowel movement shortly after using it, some circulation stimulation and I felt a mini high for a whole day after!

It is said to stimulate the muscles and cells in 10 minutes, like an hour long walk.

At Home Take Action Now TIP: Bouncing on a trampoline would be a great way to take action on this tip in a practical inexpensive way. These are often sold on Kijiji around $10!

Why not jump while you watch TV or talk on the phone... it will be a conversation piece and better yet you'll likely feel better :)

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