Top 5 Causes Of Foot Pain

By: Tom Lemke - Cped MC, Cped C, May 30, 2017
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Foot Pain comes from all kind of issues, here are the 5 most common causes of Foot Pain:

  1. Plantar fasciitis/heel spurs is the number one foot pain complaint. We don't know what causes plantar fasciitis specifically, it can be caused by a number of situations or issues, but it is a very common problem.
  2. Metatarsalgia which is experienced as pain under the ball of the foot, Morton's toe is a short 1st metatarsal which makes the big toe look quite a bit shorter than all the other toes, which can cause pain under the ball of the foot because the other 4 toes and metatarsal heads have to take up the load normally taken by the 1st metatarsal.

  3. Morton's Neuroma which causes shooting pains in the 3rd and sometimes the 2nd or 4th toes, the pain comes from damage to the myelin sheath of the nerve between the toes (usually between the 2nd and 3rd toes).

  4. Posterior Tibialis Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD) which is experienced as pain in the back of the leg, ankle and bottom of the foot in the arch and a flattening of the arch of the foot, it is caused by weakening of the tendon and other ligaments in the foot and ankle.

  5. Bunions which are caused by the toe-end of the 1st metatarsal bone moving toward the mid line of the body and the end of the toe moving away from the midline of the body, this makes it look like there is a growth and causes quite a bit of pain because shoes are now too tight.

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