What is an Indian Face Massage?

By: Mary Risman - Holistic Healer, Jun 16, 2017
Inside out Holistic Healing, Newmarket

How can an Indian face massage help me?

So what is an Indian Face massage? I was intrigued. I wanted to learn more. First of all Indian Face massage goes by other names like, rejuvenating face massage or rejuvenating face lift.

The history behind it states that a woman by the name of Kudan Metha developed this treatment in the 1970's. She was the wife of Neranda Metha who made Indian head massage popular in the west. Even though this modality is not old it still goes under the umbrella of an Aryuvedic modality which is thousands of years old.

Her vision of this modality is to help people improve the appearance of their skin by exercising the muscles of the face so that the flow of blood and oxygen gets properly distributed therefore getting the face to look more relaxed as layers of stress goes away. When a person is under stress it shows on the face. I am going to ask this question. Why do we usually only massage the body? Is it because that is where the pain is.

So how about sinus issues or TMJ issues can a body massage do that? The answer is no. Indian Face massage will definitely do that because of the constant massaging in those areas. We are training the face to get better and look better and when it does the face will look more relaxed taking years of stress away. Just to be clear Indian Face massage is not a facial. Facials clean the skin. Indian Face massage stimulates the face muscles which brings more blood flow and oxygen which help to increase collagen production therefore giving the face a healthy natural glow.

Mary Risman of Inside Out Holistic Therapies holds a certification in Indian Face massage and has designed a course and is currently teaching this wonderful modality in class in Newmarket, Ontario. Mary has the course also online.