Do you need a gym to get toned?

By: Tom McAleese, CPT, Nov 02, 2017
Diamond fitness personal training

No Excuses to get moving!

No. You can work out anywhere you like. Below are the easiest ways how to keep fit and be healthy where ever you are. No EXCUSES...just go!

Run / walk / jog to a playground or park near you, everyone has one is what you can do when you get there.

You can do chin ups off monkey bars

Dips off picnic tables or a park bench

Sit ups in the grass

Body weight squats

Then walk / jog / run back home.

You have covered cardio, core, upper and lower body while getting fresh air. So get out there because there is no excuse why we all can not be fit and healthy!

Tom McAleese is a Can-Fit Pro certified personal trainer since 2009 and Transportation Technology teacher since 1997. He is now the owner and operator of Diamond Fitness Personal Training in Simcoe, Ontario. Tom can be reached at: 519-410-2713 or

Tom is a Can-Fit Pro Certified Personal Trainer. His life is dedicated to fitness and all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.  At 47 years of age, he has many years of experience in reaching personal performance goals.  As a client, he will assist you in reaching your maximum potential!

Tom is specializing in the following personal training:

weight loss
strength training
sports conditioning
cardio fitness

one-on-one or small group sessions in a private gym studio workout programs based on your home setup for long distance clients outdoor and swim workouts available (seasonal)

Certified in:

Current Trends in Performance Nutrition
Supplementation for Training or Performance
Advanced Strength Training