4 Ways to Keep Off Popular Dental Issues

By: Molson Park Dental - Dr. Adam Chapnick Jul 25, 2019
Dr. Adam Chapnick, Molson Park Dental

How to keep a happy healthy smile!

Did you know that most dental issues we experience are due to poor oral habits? You can protect your teeth and gums from a host of issues by preventative care. In fact, prevention has always been a better approach to dealing with oral problems. You’ll spend less money and time on dental visits and treatments that could have otherwise been avoided. We’ll show you how to take charge of your dental health by making changes to take good care of your teeth and gums.

Brushing your teeth properly and regularly

If you never miss this important step, you’ll keep periodontal diseases and other dental problems at bay. First, get the right products for brushing your teeth. A smooth toothbrush that’s not harsh on your gums is important. Make sure you replace the toothbrush frequently or at least every 3 months. Also use a toothpaste or mouthwash that is recommended and approved by your dentist. The best toothpastes and mouth rinses are made of fluoride which helps to replenish the enamel. If you’re unsure on how to properly brush your teeth, ask your dentist to show you during the next appointment. It’s one thing to brush as often as is required but it’s even more important to ensure it’s done right.

Cleaning between the teeth regularly

When you brush your teeth, there’s a chance that the food particles in those hard to reach areas such as the spaces in between your teeth remain intact. Whether using floss, interdental picks or a waterpik, getting to areas that the toothbrush doesn’t reach is important to prevent problems. This is a very important step for those who wear braces because food particles tend to get stuck and contribute to decay. Just like brushing, you need to know how to clean between your teeth properly.  Also using a mouth rinse such a listenine or Chlorohexidine is very helpful in keeping bacteria at a low level.  Ask your dentist to show you how to floss properly the next time you go for a dental appointment.

Visit the dentist regularly

How often should you visit the dentist for a routine checkup? This will depend on many things including your current oral health, whether you are wearing braces among others. Don’t wait until you experience a dental issue to visit your dentist. Some oral issues will not show until they escalate and become too costly and complex to fix. Professional dental cleanings are often recommended once every year. Get at least two dental checkups per year even if you don’t have any issues just to avoid serious problems like oral cancer that may only show signs when it’s rather advanced.

Eat healthy

Your diet will also contribute to your oral health. If you make it a habit to consume fatty and sugary foods, your teeth and gums will suffer. Instead, consume foods that will contribute to good oral health such as those that contain vitamins like fruits and vegetables. Consume calcium rich foods as well like cheese, yoghurt and milk because they promote strong bones and teeth. Overall, what you eat will contribute to giving you a bright and healthy smile. Discuss other ways to promote your dental health on your next appointment.

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