How What You Eat Affects Your Oral Health

By: Molson Park Dental - Dr. Adam Chapnick Feb 21, 2018
Dr. Adam Chapnick, Molson Park Dental

What benefits will my teeth have by eating the right foods?

Most people will strive to change their diet because of weight issues. But even if you are content with your body size, watching what you eat can contribute to healthier teeth and gums. Issues like sensitivity, bleeding gums, pain and cavities can sometimes be caused by your diet. It’s a high time you made changes to your diet and see how getting rid of the unhealthy stuff can have a positive impact on your oral health. This is important even if you always brush and floss your teeth regularly as recommended by your dentist. In the paragraphs below, we’ll explain how what you eat impacts on the state of your teeth.

The benefits of calcium rich foods

Research has shown that in communities where their main meals are rich in calcium, people experience fewer dental issues. This is because calcium rich foods such as cheese, milk and yogurt strengthen the teeth and gums. Items like fermented dairy have long been recommended to help keep off periodontal diseases among individuals who are at an increased risk. This is because such foods contain bacteria that slows down the production of germs in the mouth.

Food that contain anthocyanins

Anthocyanins are important ingredients that minimize the growth of pathogens on oral tissue. These ingredients are mainly found in foodstuffs such as cranberries, raspberries, red cabbage and blueberries. When you consume any of these foods, they contribute to strengthening your teeth by getting rid of any pathogens that can cause problems in your mouth.

Drink lots of green tea

Green tea comes with powerful ingredients that contribute to optimum oral health. One of them is polyphenols, which is an active component that fights bacteria and germs in the mouth. Other than that, this healthy drink also contains fluoride. Fluoride has been used worldwide in toothpastes because it replenishes the enamel and contributes to strengthening teeth.

Keep off sugary foods

Sugary foods are the biggest culprits that cause decay and cavities in the mouth. We do understand that it’s hard to completely cut off sugar from your diet. What we would recommend is that you need to reduce the amount of sugary foods you consume on a daily basis. Additionally, make sure you always brush your teeth after eating sugary foods. Completely avoid foods that contain sweeteners or any other type of manufactured sugar because this is not only bad for your teeth and gums but also compromises your overall health.

Consume fruits and vegetables

Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables and your teeth and gums will thank you for it. These foodstuffs contain lots of vitamins which you need to boost your oral health, fight bacteria and boost your immunity.

Increase water intake

Water is not only great for your skin, it also contributes to great oral health. When you take lots of water, you flush out toxins from your body. Water can also prevent bacteria buildup in the mouth. You can fight bad breath and improve digestion simply by taking more water.

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