What are the top 5 benefits of compression garments?

By: Jeff Lewis (C.Ped.C) Mar 01, 2019
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Should everyone wear them?

The top 5 benefits of compression garments are as follow:

1) Varicose Veins; by increasing venous blood return.

2) Occupational/pregnancy/travelers’ edema (swelling) while sitting, standing still allowing the fluid to build up.

3) Leg cramping. Compression helps reduce the intensity and frequency of leg cramps.

4) Sports recovery. By assisting in the removal of lactic acid and increased blood flow.

5) Leg fatigue/comfort, people on their feet or sitting stationary for long periods report to have less fatigue and discomfort when wearing compression socks.

Like all medical devices many people can benefit from them but it is not necessarily needed by everyone.

Jeff received his undergraduate education in Kinesiology and post graduate education in Pedorthics at The University of Western Ontario. Becoming a Certified Pedorthists of Canada was an easy decision for Jeff due to the major reconstructive knee and ankle surgery he required for injuries received while playing junior hockey. These injuries gave him a great deal of discomfort and pain both during sport and daily activities.Jeff found relief through the use of Orthotic devices, including a custom made knee brace. Realizing the relief and support these products provided and the desire to help others Jeff looked into furthering his education, then a recent grad of kinesiology, to become a medical professional.