What is Gum grafting?

By: Lakeshore West Dental, Mar 07, 2018
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Gum grafting is used when the gums have receded from the tooth. In a healthy mouth you will see that the gums cover the entire root of a tooth. However, with periodontal disease and excessive brushing the gums will loosen from the tooth creating large pockets that bacteria can fill. The bacteria can then grow and reach the root creating a large number of health and dental problems. A gum graft is used to tighten the gums back against the teeth to restore the gum line.


  1. The dentist first makes you comfortable by numbing the site.
  2. The grafted skin is then taken from another site in the mouth.
  3. The gums are gently separated from the tooth which creates a flap.
  4. Then root planning and scaling is performed to clean out all tarter and plaque.
  5. Once the site is clean the graft is placed and stitched.

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