8 Steps for getting a tooth filling

By: Lakeshore West Dental, Mar 21, 2018
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How do you get a tooth filled?

White fillings or composite resin fillings have become the standard in repairing a cavity. The main advantage of using composite is the tooth is restored to almost the exact strength it was before the cavity. This will in-turn make the toothless susceptible to chipping and breaking.  Composite resins are esthetically more pleasing.

Below are the 8 steps to getting a tooth filling.

  1. The dentist first makes you comfortable by numbing the site of the cavity.
  2. Next, a rubber dam may be placed on the tooth that requires the filling to keep it dry and clean or alternatively cotton rolls may be used and the cavity is thoroughly cleaned.
  3. Then the composite resin is molded to the shape of the tooth by placing a band.
  4. The dentist applies a gel application; etch for a stronger bond to the tooth.
  5. Once the tooth is prepared the filling material is placed in the tooth.
  6. An ultraviolet light is used to harden the composite resin material.
  7. After the filling material is set it’s smoothed and polished.
  8. Finally, the bite is checked with coloured tape and we also check that floss still works.

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