What are Bath Bombs?

Relaxation in London, ON, Heaven Scent

Who doesn't love Bath Bombs?

These lush, wonderful scented magic orbs are sure to help you relax and fully submerge yourself in your bath.

How does it work?

Put them in the water, watch them fizzle, and soak up with their nutrients.

Ours here at Heaven Scent has real essential oils infused in them for amazing health benefits. Come grab yours today for just $8.99.  You can grab one or more for all of YOUR PEEPS as well. 

Be the one that starts the Bath Bomb trend with your friends!

It is like turning your bathtub into a spa.

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Heaven Scent began operations in 1996. What started back then as a small aromatherapy and new age store/school has grown into a full service alternative medicine clinic, spa, school and store. Heaven Scent has found its home in a beautiful heritage Victorian house in the heart of historic Wortley Village. You will find gardens front and back where workshops and events are held. Three floors of the house are dedicated to this holistic business as well as private treatment rooms in the back gardens. Click here for our website

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