Have You Built Nutritional Insurance for Yourself?

By: Parry Sound Acupuncture, Sep 12, 2018
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What can you do to have a better immune system?

Just as we are told to have savings in case of emergencies the same holds true for the body. If an emergency or unexpected expense arises and there aren’t any savings, it creates additional stress and tapping into credit lines.

The body will do the best it can with what it has to work with when there are no reserves and/ or the reserves are not healthy (from unhealthy cells), the body goes into a state of depletion. Sometimes the crisis is temporary and the body rebounds quickly and other times the crisis is more serious and may lead to a chronic imbalance or disease.

Do you ever wonder why some people recover from a common cold rather fast and others it takes weeks or even lingers for months?

This is due to the state of the immune system.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the qi related to the immune system is called Defensive Qi or Wei Qi. The Wei Qi is the bodies coat of armor protecting the body from pathogenic invaders, such as, bacteria and viruses.


Strong Immunity = Quicker Recovery and Rebuilding.

Weak Immunity = Tap Reserves + Deplete Bodies Savings = Slower Recovery and Rebuilding.


This idea applies to all body systems. Think of a vehicle, when provided with fuel to run, regular oil changes, and proper maintenance, it runs well. If a part needs to be replaced and we don’t get it changed, we will have a faulty vehicle affecting the entire machines ability to function properly.

The body is not a bunch of parts, rather it is a whole being working together, all body systems relying on each other, interconnected, interdependent, all in an effect to run smoothly.

Is Your Health Reserve in the Surplus?

What Taps the Body?

  • Foods void of nutrition
  • Stress
  • Dehydration
  • Trauma, accidents, injury
  • Illness
  • Surgery
  • Overwork: physical, mental, emotional
  • Too much alcohol
  • Smoking

How to Create Healthy Cells?

Air + Sun + Fuel (nutrient dense food & purified water) + Digestion/ Assimilation + Bowel Movements + Microbiome Balance + Attitude and Emotions = Best Wellness Policy.

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