Why is breath and proper movement so important for overall health?

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To keep a fire going, you need oxygen.

Humans can go for days without eating or drinking but 5 minutes without oxygen to the brain and we start to go brain dead. It's an understatement to say that breathing is a vital process. To keep a fire going, you need oxygen. Keeping our bodies going is no different. We breathe in oxygen, which goes into our bloodstream and the blood carries the oxygen to our muscles.

Voila! We can move!

The blood also carries oxygen to our organs in order to keep us fully functioning. This is a very simplistic way of thinking about the whole process but it gives us the idea of how important this whole breathing thing is.

The way that we move can either help or hinder the way oxygen gets transported through our body. "Proper" movement.  I use quotation marks because I don't like the idea of an absolute right or wrong when it comes to movement.

But there are certainly ways of movement that will allow for improved body performance and reduced risk of injury.  This ensures that our blood and oxygen will flow where it needs to go. If our muscles are too tight, however, this will restrict the flow of blood and oxygen through our body. Since the cells all throughout our body require oxygen, restricting blood flow will limit our performance and diminish our health.

If you think your body is not moving how it should, you might benefit from Stretch Therapy. Many people are surprised at how relaxed, light and free their body feels after a treatment!

Ryan began his career as a Certified Personal Trainer. Through his experiences, multiple certifications and studies he helps his clients increase strength and improve fitness through safe and effective exercise routines. Noting that many new clients often came to him in some kind of pain, Ryan sought therapies and techniques to help them with recovery. 

Ryan is continually educating himself in many avenues of health, wellness, and fitness. His qualifications include:

  • Can-Fit-Pro Personal Training Specialist (for 8 years)
  • Former CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach
  • Darby Training Systems level 1 Certified
  • Stretch To Win Fascial Stretch Therapist level 2
  • Former GoodLife Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Member of Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherpists

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