What is memory care in terms of senior home care?

By: Home Care Assistance - Calgary Mar 19, 2019
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Are there cognitive training programs available?

There has been a surge of interest in the notion that keeping mentally active can preserve and possibly improve cognitive function among older adults.

You’ve likely seen ads for popular cognitive training programs. These programs are designed to improve a variety of mental functions such as memory, visual-spatial ability and attention by repeating tasks that use and challenge each function. There are three functional areas of memory care.

Cognitive training – this incorporated guided practice on a set of tasks that engage particular domains of cognitive functioning, such as language or attention.

Secondly, there is cognitive stimulation, this increase cognitive and social functioning more globally, using a non-specific approach. The rationale is that cognitive functions, such as memory, do not operate independently.

The third memory care option is cognitive rehabilitation. This individualizes the training program to the specific impairments, needs and interests of the person. The aim is to maintain optimal physical, psychological and social functioning in an integrated holistic way, thus facilitating participation in preferred activities and valued social roles in everyday contexts.

To learn more please visit Home Care Assistance Calgary’s website and learn more on their proprietary Cognitive Therapeutics Method. This program provides activities to keep the mind sharp.

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