How Fascial Stretch Therapy Helps with Lower Back Pain?

Fascial Stretch Therapy, Toronto ON, Lower Back Pain

Fascial Stretch Therapy is Proven to be an Effective Way to Treat Lower Back Pain

"Remember when you were a kid and you thought it was fun to make funny faces?”

Then your Mom, teacher, guardian, caretaker, etc; would tell you that if you keep doing that your face would stay like that! This same concept can be used to explain why low back pain is so common in our society.

One of the most common postures we take on throughout our day is sitting. When we sit for most of the day we are shortening the length of the muscles in our hips. Then over time, the muscles stay chronically tight (just like your face would if you kept scrunching it up all the time!).

When the hip muscles are tight they can affect the alignment of the lower part of your spine. This can then cause extra pressure on the low back which, over time, can cause pain. One solution (in addition to sitting less) is to focus on loosening up the muscles in your hips.

A great way to do this is with Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST)!

FST is a passive, relaxing stretching system that is one of the fastest ways to improve flexibility and have lasting results. It works by stimulating the muscles deep inside your hip joint to relax and allow more movement. Think of trying to peddle a bicycle with your handbrake half on. It makes it very difficult for the wheel to move!

That even may be what your hips feel like, hard to get moving. What FST can do is release the handbrake, allowing more movement in your hips. Then, since the muscles in your hips aren't so tight, they stop pulling your low back into a painful position :)

Set back pain-free with FST!

Ryan began his career as a Certified Personal Trainer. Through his experiences, multiple certifications and studies he helps his clients increase strength and improve fitness through safe and effective exercise routines. Noting that many new clients often came to him in some kind of pain, Ryan sought therapies and techniques to help them with recovery. 

Ryan is continually educating himself in many avenues of health, wellness, and fitness. His qualifications include:

  • Can-Fit-Pro Personal Training Specialist (for 8 years)
  • Former CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach
  • Darby Training Systems level 1 Certified
  • Stretch To Win Fascial Stretch Therapist level 2
  • Former GoodLife Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Member of Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherpists

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