Need more energy? Take Vitamin B!

By: Dr. Claudia Truglia, ND, Oct 07, 2019
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Vitamin B Can Solve Your Energy Defficiency

Do you have a hard time waking up and getting going in the morning? Do you find yourself feeling like you could take a nap in the afternoon? Do your muscles ache for days after a work out? Are you feeling stressed out? If so, you may benefit from a B complex vitamin. These are just a few symptoms you may experience if you are deficient in B vitamins.

There are 8 B vitamins and they all play several different roles in the body. The B vitamins are so important for every reaction that happens in our body. They are known as cofactors which means in order for a reaction to occur our body needs to call on a B vitamin to complete the reaction. If you are deficient in your B's these reactions are not happening properly and therefore you feel fatigued along with many other symptoms. B vitamins also play an important role in our stress response. We know that B5 and B6 are very important for our adrenal glands, our major stress organ. They are also very important for the nervous system, blood cell production, liver function, female reproductive system, digestion, metabolism, sleep regulation etc.

B vitamins are depleted with stress, alcohol, poor diet etc. We also know that our soil is more depleted of these vitamins so we aren't getting as much from our diet as we should be.

Some tips for taking a B complex vitamin:

1. A good B complex vitamin will contain a range of b vitamins from B1 to B12. B vitamins work and are absorbed best when taken together in a complex vs. individually.

2. It is best taken with food since some people may experience a bit of nausea on an empty stomach.

3. They should be taken earlier in the day so that they don't give you energy in the evening when you should be sleepy.

4. And lastly, don't be alarmed if your pee looks fluorescent yellow! That's due to vitamin B2 (riboflavin) which causes urine to turn bright yellow. B vitamins are a water soluble vitamin which means your body absorbs what it needs and the rest is excreted through the urine, leaving minimal if any side effects.

Adding B vitamins to my daily cocktail of supplements has had a huge impact on my energy and mood. If you feel this may be something you are interested in book an appointment today and let me help you start reaching your health goals!

Dr. Claudia Truglia practices Naturopathic Medicine at the Stoney Creek Natural Health Clinic, a multidisciplinary clinic in Stoney Creek, Ontario. She has an eclectic practice treating a broad range of health conditions with an emphasis on diabetes, mental health, cardiovascular health, women's health and gastrointestinal conditions. Dr. Truglia also works as a Naturopathic Consultant for CanPrev Premium Natural Health Products and as a columnist for the local Hamilton Spectator. She is a member of the BDDT-N and CAND.

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