How to Choose Proper Hiking Shoes?

By: Torbram Foot Care, May 05, 2020
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Proper Hiking Shoe 101

As the weather warms up many people go for a hike or a long day's walk. It is important to make sure you wear comfortable and supportive shoes. Here are a few tips to consider:

Heel Counter – Make sure the shoe features a firm heel counter (the hard piece of the material located at the back of the shoe that controls side-to-side foot motion) as a strong heel counter increases stability and provides better support for your foot.

Snug Heel – Footwear should fit snugly around your heels but should not dig in.

Laces – Look for shoes that lace up and allow for variable lacing patterns or use specific techniques to improve heel fit. This will ensure the shoe fits snugly and supports the movement of your foot.

Toe wiggle room – To allow your feet to function properly, there should be a minimum of 1/4″ of space in the shoe beyond the longest toe of your largest foot. This should be measured while you are standing, as your feet expand while weight-bearing.


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