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By: ReallyWell, Dec 21, 2019
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Benefits of Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is an effective first-line holistic remedy for pain & injury, eliminating muscular, fascial, and postural patterns that reduce our potential for wellness. With Bowen Therapy, our energy levels improve while our stress is relieved. Endorsed by James Oschmann, PhD as the therapy on the leading edge of Energetic Medicine, Bowen Therapy has not changed in technique since the first clinic opened in Australia in 1957. According to Dr. Oschmann, it remains by far, likely THE most effective hands-on whole-body therapy available today. Gentle and non-invasive, it offers cumulative effectiveness. Bowen Therapy offers a resolution.

Meredith Kerrigan, CBHT is trained to offer gentle and non-invasive solutions and develops her clients’ trust to successfully optimize pain relief, energy, consciousness and wellbeing. As a practitioner with over 25 years of integrative healing experience and a passion for improving clients’ lives, she offers an effective and informed process of reconnection to wellness that is drawn from her own life experience. Her clients also report feelings of wholeness and inner peacefulness.

As a practitioner with advanced standing, Meredith addresses Musculoskeletal Injuries, Chronic Pain, Brain Injuries, PTSD, Depression, Cerebral Palsy, Stroke Recovery, Autism, the Autoimmune system, Pregnancy, Mother & Baby and Mobility, Balance and Function. One of Meredith’s passions is supporting Seniors’ physical function and mobility to enable them to remain in their home environment as long as possible.

Injured as a competitive athlete, Meredith had tried ‘everything’ and heard therapists declare that they were not able to resolve her pain. She had sustained over time, fifty-two (52) physical injuries and multiple concussions. One of which resulted in an Intensive Care Unit Hospital stay with recurring loss of consciousness, Meredith also experienced serious scholastic challenges during her recovery from this particular brain injury. She, in addition, has the first-hand experience as a survivor of domestic violence and therefore truly understands trauma and recovery from the aspects of the Physical,

Mental, Emotional and the Spiritual. Bowen Therapy has made a significant contribution to Meredith’s health and recovery and continues to be an important part of her personal regimen. This has created in her, a passion for passing Bowen Therapy on to her clients.

Meredith believes that it is important to receive a course of one bodywork therapy at a time while being guided through our healing process. We are then better able to discover what is effective while empowering us to build self-awareness, improve systemic and physical function, raise our consciousness and awaken our love of self and feelings of inner peace.

Mobile house calls have been the essence of her practice covering the GTA, York, East Gwillimbury & South Simcoe regions since 2006. Directory area listings include; Aurora, Bradford, Bolton, Etobicoke, King, Maple, Markham, Newmarket, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Thornhill, Toronto, Vaughan.

Her specialities include advanced training in Bowen Therapy, Niromathe, Litios Light Crystals, PureBioEnergy Healing – Individual and Group sessions, SourceEnergy Medicine, Cerra Water, FGXpress PowerStrips/Solar Strips, and Young Living Essential Oils.

Bowen Therapy in Aurora, Ontario

ReallyWell provides Bowen therapy services as well as Emmett, Litios Light Crystals, McLoughlin - Scar Tissue Release, and Spectrahue Chromotherapy. ReallyWell serves patients in Aurora, ON and surrounding areas including Vaughan, Newmarket and North Toronto. Bowen therapy helps patients achieve body healing, mindfulness, and optimise their body to full working condition.

Our Bowen therapists help patients to achieve pain relief for sciatica nerve pain, back pain relief, stress relief, and musculoskeletal spasm treatment.

Emmett, Litios Light Crystals and McLoughlin - Scar Tissue Release

Our clinic aims to achieve a long-lasting difference with our client's overall bodywork care. Our services aim to ease pain and discomfort, treat chronic & acute pain, injuries, and imbalances. Bowen therapy can also help the patients to improve body function for personal training, it can help in training and improving competitive athlete performance. The most important element of our practice is we offer a great health benefit to our patients.

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