Safe Cardio Exercises After 60

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Jogging? Biking? Swimming? What is the best?

Safe cardio is relevant to what you are accustomed to. If you normally jog 3 times a week and have been jogging three times a week for the past 20 years and your joints aren’t complaining, then keep jogging three times a week. If however at 60 you take up jogging, that is a completely different story. Listen to your body. At 60 you might want to walk for ten minutes and jog for a minute and try 3 of those intervals to start. The next day or two will tell you where you stand. If any of your joints are really sore in the next day or two then you may have done too much and you should scale back. If they aren’t sore, you know you have a good starting point.

Biking is great. It develops the quads and your quads help to bear some of the impacts when you are jogging. Biking is also an activity that is low impact, so jogging on one day then biking the next makes for a good routine.

Swimming is also wonderful! I swim the front crawl for a kilometre, four times a week. It is low/no impact, works your entire body and is great for limbering up your body. I stretch in the hot tub for ten minutes, then I hit the pool. After my 1 km swim, I feel re-energized and limber. Of course not many people like swimming, but if there is a pool near-by I strongly recommend it.

Engaging in a variety of different cardiovascular activities each week is really the best. That way you don’t get burned out from just running or just biking. And you are less likely to develop injuries, especially if you add a swim day or two into the mix. For me, I look forward to my workouts when I vary them. It is when I do the same thing over and over that I get mentally tired of exercise. The more I vary my routines, the more I look forward to them.

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