Can A Detox Help Reboot My System

By: Ingrid Herbert Apr 23, 2020
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Detox Can Reset Your System

Detox is amazing for waking up the brain. When you detox you are getting rid of all the unwanted toxins that the body cannot use.

It’s like de-cluttering a room in your home, what you are left with are all the usable things that help the body to feel normal and eventual brings it back to optimal health so you can feel like yourself again or even better.

Wellness Coach and Holistic author in Toronto, ON.

Wellness To offers wellness coaching and energy healing through Reiki, spiritual wellness, spiritual healing, and meditation groups. Wellness To also provides self-awareness programs, emotional healing and provides wellness speaking in the Greater Toronto Area.

Wellness To is managed by Ingrid Herbert, a wellness coach, emotion coach, reiki master, and wellness speaker and utilises comprehensive healing strategies within the clinic and offers online sessions. The healing strategies include nutrition, balanced lifestyle, and stress management.

Ingrid uses energy healing such as reiki and spiritual wellness to deal with a patient’s low body energy levels. Helping individuals to improve their overall lifestyle enables Ingrid to help patients create positive changes with their lives through compassion and creative problem-solving. Wellness To empowers patients to optimize their productivity, manage their everyday stress effectively and learn healthy day to day habits. These goals can be achieved by meditation, Mindfulness, body and mind detoxification.

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