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Keep Your Marriage Healthy

Marriage is like a car and the couple is the driver. The car always needs to be maintained and so does the marriage. Often work, children and added years can put a strain on a marriage but be sure to always remember that you are the driver. You find time for everything else including vehicle maintenance, you need to first see your marriage as the most important thing to you, as it has to carry a lot as your vehicle does: Children, in-laws, job, and much more. Set a weekly or bi-weekly, appointment for you as a couple to spend time together. There are millions of things you can do together but whatever you do make it romantic and appealing. Age is irrelevant!

Psychotherapist in Brampton, ON

Little Black Rose Family Services offers couples, marriage, family, premarital and personal counselling to create healthy, positive, and nurturing relationships. Little Black Rose Family Services works with patients in Brampton, ON and surrounding areas giving counselling to people who are facing tough, overwhelming, and traumatic life challenges. For parents who want to create a positive relationship with their children, parental counselling is also offered to help build strong family bonds. Parents struggling to cope with the many issues of life as a parent, having a strong-willed child compounded with your stress and frustration is a recipe for destruction.

We are here to help you have a positive change and empowered life!

We help parents with children who have challenging behaviors such as child anger management issues work out their frustrations, teach them the tools needed for change. Little Black Rose Family Services is managed and owned by psychotherapist Rosita Allen. Our goal is to improve and have positive family relationships through counselling, therapy, and in-home services to help people achieve their goals. Little Black Rose Family services aim to create positive change towards an empowered life in every family they meet.

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