Caregivers’ Tips for Preventing Pressure Ulcer

By: ADA Extended Home Care, May 24, 2020
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What is Pressure Ulcers?

Pressure ulcers also known as bedsores, are localized skin damage that usually appear on the skin covered bony areas. Pressure ulcers occur on the skin around elbows, hip, knees, buttocks, shoulders, ankles, heels. People who use a wheelchair, stay in bed for a long time, have Alzheimer are at higher risk to develop pressure ulcers.

What can you do to avoid developing of pressure ulcers?

  • Our caregivers at ADA Extended are trained to encourage clients to change positions at least every 15 minutes if they are in a wheelchair.
  • For bed ridden clients, caregivers are trained to moved gently your loved one every 2 hours.
  • We in ADA Extended Home Care strongly recommend to our clients to use water- or air- filled pads, foam cushions to reduce the pressure on the skin from bed surface.

Home Care Services in Toronto, Ontario

ADA Extended Home Care provides senior care, home care assistance, in-home nursing for senior home care and health care for seniors with various conditions. There are also other services for elderly care such as Alzheimer’s & dementia care, stroke care, Parkinson’s care and post-hospital care.

Caregivers for seniors, Senior Home Care

ADA Extended Home Care is committed to providing quality home care for elderly and home help for seniors through caregiving services. We have a responsive and caring staff to make sure that quality home care services are given to our clients. We make sure our caregivers match with our clients by doing proper screenings to give the best senior care specific to each individual client.

Aside from the senior care and home health care services, our caregivers are also trained to provide other complementary services to make home care assistance for seniors a comfortable and pleasing one. Caregivers can also provide music therapy, passive range motion Exercise, and art appreciation for their elderly patients.

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