COVID-19 Update

By: Dr. Albert M. Scales, DC, May 02, 2020
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Services Available During Pandemic

Please be aware that our College of Chiropractors of Ontario has informed us to suspend all non-essential chiropractic treatment (except for acute/emergency care) as a result of Covid-19 safety guidelines.

Our office has made necessary precautions for your safety, but we would strongly advise that if you have ANY flu like symptoms, cough or difficultly breathing, to please stay home. Please know that we are here for all of you and everybody working together will be the best way to get over this incredible time of uncertainty. Thank you for your understanding and co-operation. Stay Well!!

Dr. Albert Scales is the owner of Lakeshore Chiropractic Group has been helping victims of motor vehicle accidents for over 35 years. Dr. Scales has successfully helped hundreds of auto accident sufferers return to a pain-free and active lifestyle.

He has been an independent insurance assessor for over 25 years and has seen many types of injuries related to motor vehicle accidents.  He is registered with FSCO and is licensed to treat your injuries and bill your insurance provider directly allowing you to avoid the hassles of paperwork.

Our staff and professionals at Lakeshore Chiropractic Group do not take your pain and injuries lightly. We utilize the latest advances in natural pain relief and attempt to help you restore your health, mobility and quality of life as quickly as possible.

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