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Things happen throughout the day to everyone. Life happens

Life happens and things get in the way of everyone’s best intentions. I’m not a morning person, but of course, as a personal trainer if I wanted to be successful in the long run I had to either embrace and get used to getting up at 4:45 a.m. at least 5 days a week or I would have to get into a different line of work… I chose to embrace mornings.

When someone signs up for personal training sessions I used to love the people who signed up in the morning. Why? They are often the most consistent clients. And consistent clients means consistent results and means I get paid consistently.

Things happen throughout the day to everyone. Life happens. Your boss needs you to work late, Johnny got in a fight at school and you have to meet him at the principal’s office. Little Suzi had her recital time changed and so you now have to cancel your exercise session to take Suzi to her ballet recital.

It doesn’t matter the reason. And results from exercise don’t care what your reasons are either. One of the most important factors when it comes to exercise is consistency. It is important to be consistent if you want any significant results. For this reason, I take the financial advice my Grandmother passed down to me over 40 years ago. She always told me to take ten percent of my paycheque and put it in the bank or RRSP’s. “The rest is yours” she would say.

It is too easy to cancel well-intentioned workouts. For this reason, I plan my workouts a week in advance. I slot in as many early mornings around client sessions as possible. If I have no space between 4:45 a.m. and 9 a.m. the others are slotted in after my early morning clients when they are at work. Any afternoon or evening workouts are a bonus. Even as a personal trainer, I can’t count the number of times I have intended to get a work out in the afternoon or early evening and something would come up and kybosh my good intentions.

My advice? Listen to my late Grandmother and pay yourself first. If that means going to bed earlier, then so be it. Get at least a half-hour morning work-out in before work. That way if something comes up that gets in the way of your well-intentioned afternoon/evening work out then so be it. If your schedule stays clear you’ll have time for a bonus work out that day. 😊

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