Put a spin on your holiday leftovers

By: Dec 25, 2013
holiday leftovers

Here are a few ideas for your holiday leftovers that are as easy as pie!

No one likes to waste food. As a child, your mother warned you about all of the children who would love a meal like the one you were turning your nose up at. Unfortunately, this carries over into adulthood. When holidays roll around and there are all of those leftovers, the hunt begins for as many recipes as possible to save the food from the trash can. Here are a few ideas for your holiday leftovers that are as easy as pie!

Turkey can be used for so many things. Of course, the classic idea is sandwiches. But turkey salad is just as delicious as chicken salad. Leftover meat from your turkey can be used for soups, pot pies and casseroles. Even the carcass of your leftover holiday turkey can be used to provide flavor to various beans, greens and soups. So, before you just toss the bones to the family dog, use as much of it as you can.

Your holiday ham is another item that you can get maximum use out of before you toss it. Of course, ham salad may not sound to mouthwatering, but there are other recipes that ham is the ideal meat for. For example, cheese and ham pasta or quiche made with your holiday ham remnants are the perfect meals. Ham is also a great meat to use in any kind of sandwich and even in breakfast omelets. A hambone is also wonderful for flavoring beans and greens.

What do you do with these leftover sweet buds from heaven? This particular holiday leftover is a great ingredient for anything baked. It can be used to make biscuits, patties, breads, soufflés and cakes. Yams are also ideal for soups and casseroles. Since there’s no carcass or bones to be left with, you can use all of your leftover yams in various recipes.

Vegetables are the one thing that people never know what to do with after their holiday meal is over. It’s also the one thing that no one in the family wants to take home with them. Vegetables don’t have to go to waste either. They can be used in casseroles, pasta dishes and medleys. Of course, there are some veggies that don’t seem right in anything other than their natural form. These vegetables can be vacuum sealed and frozen for later use.

Holidays are full of lots of family and lots of food. Even though relatives love carry out plates, there are always leftovers to be dealt with. You don’t have to worry about the food going to waste since there are thousands of recipes available online that will give you great ideas on how to put a new spin on that old dish.