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Susan Blackburn is a Registered Psychologist providing Individual and Couples counselling, serving midtown Toronto and the surrounding area from her centrally located office at Yonge-Eglinton. Her mission is to provide individuals and couples with effective strategies for change.

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Susan Blackburn is a Registered Psychologist providing Individual Counselling and Couples Therapy serving Toronto and the GTA from her centrally located located Yonge-Eglinton office. New clients are welcome!



Individual Counselling

Counselling and psychotherapy will benefit you if you’re undergoing emotional stress. You will gain effective coping strategies, shift your perception and build new skills in a supportive and nonjudgmental environment.

At some point, emotional concerns affect the majority of people from all walks of life. This is often due to prolonged stressors such as relationship or marriage breakdown, career change, unhappiness, mid-life crisis, parenting challenges or other traumatic events. Seeking the guidance of a professional to prevent or overcome these concerns is a sign of courage and strength.

Susan’s counselling and psychotherapy approach integrates cognitive behavioural (CBT), client-centred and solution-focused methods. Areas of expertise include:

  • increasing happiness
  • dating and relationships
  • marriage concerns
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • confidence building
  • self esteem and assertiveness
  • communication
  • stress management
  • conflict resolution
  • anger management
  • grief and loss
  • perfectionism
  • life transitions
  • work/life balance
  • personal growth

Couples Counselling

Susan offers a safe environment, a new perspective and tools and strategies for couples to find relief from their emotional pain and confusion so that they can work through concerns and breathe new life back into their relationship.

It takes a lot of courage to reach out for outside help. People from all walks of life use couples counselling to get their relationships back on track.

Susan will offer you motivation, answers, coping strategies and the communication skills necessary for achieving greater trust, intimacy and joy.

Although its never too late to work on your relationship, the sooner you begin the easier it will be to create the partnership you desire and deserve.

Susan’s approach to couples counselling involves exploring new ways of communicating and behaving, emphasizes the importance of kindness and respect, and focuses on the strengths of the couple as the foundation for a closer connection.

In sessions with Susan you’ll receive the guidance and encouragement you need to reconnect your relationship.

Areas of focus for couples counselling include:

  • communicating effectively
  • rebuilding trust
  • increasing connection
  • conflict resolution
  • building a stronger foundation
  • changing painful patterns of behaviour
  • overcoming infidelity
  • interdependence
  • work/life balance
  • romance
  • financial concerns
  • parenting
  • goal alignment
  • pre-engagement counselling
  • pre-marital therapy

Marriage Therapy

Encountering marriages difficulties can be stressful and at times devastating, but you don’t have to go through it alone. You can get the answers, coping strategies and communication skills you need to get your partnership back on track.

Susan’s approach to marriage therapy involves exploring new ways of communicating and behaving, emphasizes the importance of kindness, respect and admiration and focuses on the strengths of the couple as the foundation for greater trust, happiness, intimacy and a closer connection.

In sessions with Susan you’ll receive the guidance and encouragement you need to reconnect your relationship.

If you are struggling to find harmony in your life while juggling the overwhelming responsibilities of being a partner, parent and professional, you will benefit by creating a closer connection with your spouse as an important part of having a balanced, passionate and purposeful life.

Susan’s marriage therapy tools and strategies will provide you with the necessary skills to sustain your partner’s desire and devotion for a lifetime. You will be empowered to attain unconditional love, a high level of self-care and the art of effective relationship communication and behavior.

Sessions with Susan are inspirational and results-oriented and your desired changes occur through shifts in perception, making yourself more of a priority and by implementing an open hearted style of communication with your partner.

Susan has a client-centered approach to marital therapy, which means that your goals and objectives provide the roadmap for your work.

In addition to her formal training and education, Susan’s expertise comes from many years of personal relationship struggles allowing her to gain the strengths necessary to interact joyfully, unconditionally and intimately as a complementary partner. She offers you these skills and strategies that took her many years to achieve so that you don’t have to do it the hard way.

By working with Susan you have the opportunity to learn, within a relatively short timeframe, what can sometimes take years to figure out.

Areas of focus for marriage therapy include:

  • communicating effectively
  • rebuilding trust
  • increasing connection
  • conflict resolution
  • building a stronger foundation
  • changing painful patterns of behaviour
  • overcoming infidelity
  • interdependence
  • work/life balance
  • romance
  • financial concerns
  • parenting
  • goal alignment

Group Counselling

Group therapy is a fun, interactive, supportive and confidential form of counselling that lasts for a limited amount of time. Even if your life’s pretty good, if you feel even a little stuck, nervous are uncertain about anything in your life you might want to check out group counselling with Susan Blackburn Psychology!

It can be a great way to gain support, accountability and ideas for whatever you’re currently experiencing in your life. Just like with individual therapy, there are different areas of focus for group therapy. Most of our groups offer collaborative learning and skills for personal development in an area of interest to group participants.

Some of the benefits of group therapy include discovering that you aren’t alone in what you’re experiencing and finding out that your struggles are more common than you know, which can often provide relief and make you feel that you’re actually pretty normal after all. Since there are other people in the group, it’s an opportunity to get a number of different perspectives for a greater sense of hope and encouragement.

Some people find that they benefit from taking part in both individual counselling and group counselling to increase your chances of creating important, lasting changes. If you’ve been participating in individual psychotherapy and find that your progress has stopped, joining a group may accelerate your personal growth. Similarly, some people find that greater results can be achieved if you complete group therapy successfully and then transition to individual counselling. That being said, there are many times that group therapy offers you exactly what you need.

  • Decreasing Anxiety
  • Coping Skills for a Busy Life
  • Improving Sleep
  • Better Self Care
  • Finding Work/Life Balance
  • Deepening Empathy
  • Navigating New Friendships
  • Managing Stress
  • Increasing Confidence
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Dating & Relationship Tips
  • Becoming More Assertive
  • Be More Assertive
  • Finding Greater Acceptance
  • Communication Skills
  • Learning to Say No
  • Limit Perfectionism
  • Strengthening Intuition
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Beating Winter Blues
  • Power of Positivity

About Susan Blackburn, Registered Psychologist.

Susan Blackburn is a Registered Psychologist providing Individual, Couples and Marriage Counselling.

She is registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario, a member of the Ontario Psychological Association and has a M.A. degree in Counselling Psychology from the Adler School in Chicago, a B.A. (Honours) from York University and a B.Sc. in Business from the University of Phoenix.

Credentials include being a published author and several guest appearances on television and radio as an expert therapist including That Channel’s ‘Extraordinary Women TV’, the W Network’s ‘Style by Jury’ and Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s (of ‘Til Debt Do Us Part) show, ‘Princess’.

Her approach integrates cognitive behavioural (CBT), client-centred, Adlerian and solution-focused methods. Areas of expertise include relationship issues, couples and marriage, confidence-building, stress management, anger management, depression, anxiety, grief, self-esteem, communication and work/life balance.

Susan enjoys working with people to achieve a sense of overall fulfillment. Using warm and encouraging support, she allows people to rediscover their confidence, find life balance and enjoy every aspect of their lives.

As a mother, therapist and former director of a graduate-level private school, Susan understands the challenges facing career-committed professionals, family-oriented individuals and those seeking change for personal development and success.

She lives in midtown Toronto with her family and spends her leisure time exploring the city and enjoying yoga, painting, music, photography and golfing.


Dating & Relationships: Susan Blackburn (BA '03)

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