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Fit 'N' Well Personal Training Inc

In-Home Personal Training in Edmonton, Alberta

Fit ‘N’ Well Personal Training Inc is a group of skilled personal trainers providing personalized exercise plans, in-home fitness training for seniors, weight loss programs and in-home or gym personal training services in the Edmonton area.  Our goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating provided by our health coaches, fitness coaches and through different programs supported by fitness articles our Fit ‘N’ Well Personal Training Inc team has written.

During the current COVID-19 outbreak, we are temporarily closed at this time.

We also provide in-home personal training exercises and fitness programs done in your home and also available in selected gyms around the Edmonton area. Because seniors can potentially lose muscle strength and balance over the years caused by aging our senior’s personal training includes programs that improve strength and balance for seniors that they can do in their homes.

It is very important seniors are provided with an effective fitness training program to build back muscle and strength to achieve a good optimum lifestyle.  Fit ‘N’ Well Personal Training Inc also provides in-home personal training for people who want to exercise at the privacy of their own home.

All fitness programs are very personalised for each individual needs.

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Personal Training In Edmonton

We are male and female personal trainers providing in-home and facility personal training. At Fit 'N' Well our certified mobile personal trainers have been providing fitness training in homes, condos, businesses and select gyms in Edmonton and area since September 3, 2018.

Our senior's program has been so successful that some of our senior clients have experienced

strength gains of 200 to 1000% in as little as 8-12 weeks.


What Our Clients are Saying

Fit 'N' Well Personal Training (Greg Harvey) has been integral to my recovery from a serious knee injury

"Fit 'N' Well Personal Training (Greg Harvey) has been integral to my recovery from a serious knee injury suffered in April 2018 (Surgically repaired tibia plateau). After I completed 6 weeks of physiotherapy I contacted Greg to begin a work out regiment that would have me ready for 2018/2019 ski season. From our first consultation meeting, Greg has taken my recovery and my goals very seriously. He has tailored our sessions to be conscious of my recovering knee, but also challenging so my body is constantly being pushed. In addition to Greg training my body he has also provided very helpful dietary advice that me and my family are trying to incorporate into our everyday decision making regarding what we are putting into our bodies. I have enjoyed all of my time in the gym with Greg as he has an easy manner and cracks jokes to keep things light. I would be more than happy to recommend Fit 'N' Well Personal Training." - Andrew Harbinson

Greg's professionalism, flexibility, and positive attitude have been instrumental in working towards my goals

"I've had the pleasure of Greg's instruction, advice, and guidance for nearly 3 years now. His professionalism, flexibility, and positive attitude have been instrumental in working towards my goals. My schedule is irregular, and Greg consistently accommodates, for which I'm very grateful.

He is knowledgeable, and applies science in combination with common sense, to his nutritional advice and the physical regimen. I appreciate his creativity and efficiency greatly. I try to partake of tennis ball soccer whenever possible - a fantastic workout. He's managed to create a cadre of players that has evolved into a community unto itself.

I cannot speak highly enough of him. Our interactions are the highlight of my week.

I look forward to a continued relationship and improving health." - Gurmeet Singh

Greg and his trainers are extremely accommodating.

"I've worked with Fit 'N' Well for close to two years now and I couldn't be happier with the service.

Greg and his trainers are extremely accommodating. They work around your schedule and always make sure you are happy. They work with you to ensure that you are working towards your goals.

They also put on other fitness activities that you can partake in, including their own creation - Tennis Ball Soccer, which is a ton of fun and a great work out!

I have worked with other companies and Fit 'N' Well stands out. Highly recommended." - Stephen Scragg

Our Services

Seniors Personal Training

Seniors can lose a lot of muscle over the years. Significant muscle loss may rob them of their independence, thus ending a lot of life's pleasures. As seniors become less active, they become weaker. The weaker a person is, the less they will want to do. This begins a vicious cycle.

Our team at Fit 'N' Well has developed strength training programs with these seniors' in mind. We train many seniors' in the privacy of their own homes. As seniors get stronger and more confident some of these people continue their training at the Terrace Fitness and Racquet Club. We chose this gym because it is not very busy and quiet during working hours. That makes The Terrace the perfect gym for seniors to feel comfortable in. Our program has been so successful that some our senior clients have experienced strength gains of 200 to 1000% in as little as 8-12 weeks.

In-Home Personal Training Information

Not everyone has time to go to a gym or feels comfortable in a gym setting. At Fit 'N' Well Personal Training Inc, our personal trainers will come out to your home to set up a personalized fitness program for you that you can do in the privacy and convenience of your own home.

Whether you need us to come out to your home once a month just to change your program or once a week to keep you on track or 3-5 times per week for more support, just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you to meet your needs.

Morning Work Outs- Some of our clients see us before work. They have a small bite to eat half an hour before their trainer arrives. They work out for an hour, then shower, have breakfast and go to work.

Evening Work Outs- After working eight or ten hours at work, then running errands it is common not to want to leave your house to work out. No problem, we'll bring the work out to you. Come home, have supper, relax for an hour, then your trainer shows up. You work out for an hour, and you didn't have to work up the motivation to leave the house.

Weight Loss

At Fit 'N' Well we use the same method of weight loss that Greg used (and still uses today) when he conquered (and maintains) his own weight problems. A healthy program combining moderate (but regular) exercise and nutritionally sound eating habits will help you reach your goals.

A very large portion of the program is education. Many people work very hard at losing weight. Unfortunately, the methods that they choose often result in short term weight loss followed by a slower metabolism and inevitably weight gain (typical yo-yo dieting). At Fit 'N' Well we will teach you the basic principles of weight loss and strategies to not only lose weight but lose weight by eating healthy foods that you enjoy. You will use these basic principles on a daily basis for the rest of your life.

Many of our weight loss clients see us at the Terrace Fitness and Racquet Club. This club is located in the Radisson Hotel South. It is not very busy like the larger chain gyms so our clients feel really comfortable working out there. They have heated underground parking and you don't have to line up for equipment.

Seniors'- It's perfect for seniors too. It is common that seniors have the most energy before noon. Your trainer shows up at 10:30 or 11:00 a.m., you work out for an hour, have lunch, then have a nap. It is a simple effective routine that is easily maintained.

Equipment: It is important to us that you purchase the right equipment for your needs. For our regular clients we will assess your family's fitness needs, then take you shopping to ensure you buy the equipment that will best suit your needs. In 1998 Fit 'N' Well partnered with Physique Fitness. They have a great fitness selection, they are continually updating their stock to keep current and offer reasonable pricing. We work together to ensure that Fit 'N' Well clients get great service.

If you don't have fitness equipment that you enjoy using, you probably won't exercise as much. If you don't exercise, you won't need our help. It isn't a secret that people who don't exercise, don't hire personal trainers.

Public Speaking

Greg has had speaking engagements at corporations, conferences, schools and community groups since 1998. From someone who was overweight for many years, he speaks directly without the "sugar coating" that people are so used to hearing. Greg's topics include weight-loss strategies and information on lessening or eliminating back pain. He speaks on healthy strategies to help people organize themselves to healthy eating and consistent exercise habits aren't so daunting to maintain. He also speaks about strategies for getting offices active. Greg has assisted several companies in Scotia Place with their wellness initiatives.

The beginnings of Fit 'N' Well...

In 1992, I stood by as my father went to the hospital for his first open-heart surgery. He was 100 pounds overweight and the doctors said that his heart had to work ten times harder than normal to keep him alive. Several operations and many Intensive Care Units later, he died on June 25th, 1995.

I too was overweight. I was a quick study though, as I saw how ill my father was. I began studying health and fitness in the winter of 1992. Eight months later I had lost 40 pounds and six inches around my waist. It was then that I knew I could help others avoid the same fate that my father had seen. I went back to school, became a certified personal trainer and now own Fit 'N' Well Personal Training Inc.

Today I dedicate the success of my business to the memory of my father. I take great pride in every training program that I develop. Fit 'N' Well Personal Trainers treat each client with the same amount of detail and attention as they would use to train their own mother, father or close friend.

At Fit 'N' Well, we have an unbridled passion for health and the absence of disease. We go to great lengths to do what ever we can to see you reach your goals in a healthy manner.

If you are serious about improving your health, give us a call. We look forward to helping you reach your fitness goals. In the meantime keep... fit 'n' well.

-- Greg Harvey

Greg Harvey - PFT

Greg graduated with honours from the NAIT personal training program and started Fit 'N' Well on September 3, 1998. In 2004 Greg invented and started the drop-in tennis ball soccer program at The Terrace Fitness and Racquet Club (Which still runs three times a week). Greg trains people in the Scotia Place Fitness Centre, The Terrace Fitness and Racquet Club and The EPCOR Tower Fitness Centre. Greg also provides in-home personal training in clients homes throughout the city. Greg's specialities are seniors fitness and weight loss.


Annissa graduated from NAIT with a diploma in personal training. At Fit 'N' Well she co-manages the EPCOR Tower Fitness Centre. Annissa provides personal training services in the EPCOR Tower Fitness Centre and as a mobile personal trainer offers exercise instruction in people's homes around Edmonton's downtown and West End. Annissa works with the general public with a focus on seniors fitness.


Regan graduated with honours from NAIT with a diploma in personal training. At Fit 'N' Well she co-manages the EPCOR Tower Fitness Centre. Regan provides fitness training services in the EPCOR Tower Fitness Centre and mobile fitness training in homes around Edmonton.

Pierina Fadi - Yoga Instructor

Pierina Fadi has been a certified yoga instructor since 2004. Pierina has a passion for teaching yoga and enjoys the calmness and joy that it brings people. In Pierina's previous career, she was a hair dresser which caused injury to her lower back. Pierina used yoga techniques to fix her lower back issues. This healing started her love for yoga.


Regan Personal Trainer at Fit 'N' Well

Regan Personal Trainer at...

Annissa Personal Trainer at Fit 'N' Well

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Fit 'N' Well In-Home Personal Trainers

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