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Established in the fall of 2010, InFocus Rehabiliation Centre Inc. is a centre of excellence dedicated to providing professional treatment options and unique services to the people of Halton Hills, and beyond.

Located in the beautiful town of Georgetown, Ontario, our modern and up to date facility is easily accessible to all patrons.  Our location boasts plenitful free parking accommodations and the clinic itself has been outfitted to be completely wheelchair accessible.

In addition to standard and state of the art equipment and modalities, our clinic atmosphere provides a warm, friendly environment to meet all of our patient's needs.

 InFocus Rehabilitation Centre is also very proud to be able to offer advanced treatment services in the fields of vestibular and neurological rehabilitation.


Vestibular Rehabilitation

  • The human vestibular system, a component of the inner ear, is the sensory system that provides the dominant input about our balance and our sense of spatial orientation.  As is the case with any bodily system, the vestibular system is susceptible to injury and impairment.
  • Jenni Veneruz, RPT, has advanced training in vestibular rehabilitation and is one of few Canadian Physiotherapists with this high level of certification.  Jenni has successfully treated over 1000 people with vestibular disorders over the course of her career.
  • For several years, Jenni has been operating a homecare practice dedicated to the assessment and treatment of vestibular disorders.

Neurological Rehabilitation

  • Our Neurological Rehabilitation services are provided by Colleen Bethune, RPT, who has extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of neurologically impaired patients. 

Neurological Rehabilitation is designed to help treat patients in the acute, rehab and chronic phases of recovery from various neurological conditions, including:

  • Strokes and brain injuries
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Guillan Barre Syndrome
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Movement Disorders

Each patient is individually assessed and treated one-on-one by Colleen in a 1-hour session, typically.  In addition, Colleen also provides a homecare service to those who are unable to get to the clinic.

Physiotherapy Treatment

InFocus Rehabilitation Centre Inc. prides itself in being able to provide the very best in Physiotherapy services to all of our patients.  Our Registered Physiotherapists have over 15 years of knowledge and experience in treating various conditions and injuries.

In addition to the unique fields of advanced treatment that we offer, some of the more common conditions that we see patients for include:

  • Repetitive Strains/Sprains
  • Fractures and Dislocations
  • Back Pain
  • Postural Issues
  • Plantar Fasciitis

InFocus Rehabiliation Centre Inc. also provides post-surgical care and treatment.  Having successfully treated many of the their patients, Jenni Veneruz, RPT continues to work with with several surgeons within the Halton Hills area.  Surgical conditions that are commonly treated include:

  • Total Knee/Hip Replacements
  • Rotator Cuff Repairs
  • ACL Repairs
  • Arthroscopic Surgeries
  • Spinal Surgeries

TMJ/TMD Treatment

  • Temporomandibular Dysfunction/Disorder (TMD) is a condition that results from acute or chronic inflammation of the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ).
  • Patients who suffer from TMD often experience pain in their jaw, head or face, or clicking/grinding and/or abnormal movement of the jaw.  Essentially, inflammation in the joint impairs the complex interactions between the musculoskeletal structures that operate your jaw.
  • Having received advanced training in TMD/TMJ assessment and treatment, Jenni Veneruz, RPT is able to work together with you your dentist, orthodontist, dentist or maxillofacial surgeon, to optimize positive outcomes.
  • After a thorough initial exam of your posture, jaw, neck and spine, patients will be given the appropriate corrective exercises and education, as well as any required manual therapy, in order to improve theirTM biomechanics to reduce pain and restore function.

Osteoporosis Management

  • According to Osteoporosis Canada, Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by low bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue.  This leads to increased bone fragility and risk of fracture (broken bones), particularly of the hip, spine and wrist.
  • Run and managed by Colleen Bethune, RPT, and Kirstin Bult, R.Kin., InFocus Rehabilitation Centre Inc. provides an opportunity for individuals with Osteoporosis to obtain education and/or assistance in managing their condition.  The purpose of this program is to provide patients with 'bone building' exercise techniques that will help to manage their condition.

Registered Massage Therapy

  • The healing power of human touch is a positive experience that many people enjoy through therapeutic massage.  The effects of a good massage go much deeper than the skin's surface.
  • At InFocus Rehabilitation Centre Inc., massage services are provided by Marisa Martin and are available in 30, 45, or 60 minute appointments.  Marisa is a Registered Massage Therapist in the province of Ontario, and has many years of experience in providing various massage techniques

Welcome! InFocus Rehabilitation Centre Inc.

"The Greatest Wealth is Health" -Virgil

Thank you for taking the time to visit our InFocus Rehabilitation Centre Inc. page. We are a physiotherapy clinic in Georgetown, ON devoted to providing the utmost in care and treatment to the people of Halton Hills.

Established in the fall of 2010, InFocus Rehabilitation Centre Inc. is a centre of excellence dedicated to providing professional treatment options and unique services to the people of Halton Hills, and beyond. Located in the beautiful town of Georgetown, Ontario our modern and up to date facility is easily accessible to all patrons. Our location boasts plentiful free parking accommodations and the clinic itself has been outfitted to be completely wheelchair accessible.

Please take the time to explore our entire page, which outlines all of the various services that we offer (ie. physiotherapy, massage therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, dietician services). Should you require any further information or have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Team

Jenni Veneruz

Jenni is a Registered Physiotherapist with more than 18 years of experience in both hospitals and private clinics. Jenni has advanced training in Vestibular Rehabilitation. She has advanced courses in different areas of Orthopedics and is well respected by area physicians. Jenni guest lectures at the University of Toronto and is a lifetime resident of Georgetown. Jenni is the Founder and Director of InFocus Rehabilitation Centre Inc.

Kathleen Rossini

Kathleen is a Registered Physiotherapist as well as certified in MLD with extensive experience in orthopaedics. She has completed many post graduate courses and has a special interest in the management of lymphedema.

Colleen Bethune

Colleen is a Registered Physiotherapist and has completed her Masters of Science in Physiotherapy at McMaster University and recieved her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo. Through various work and academic experiences, Colleen quickly realized her passion was working in the field of Neurological Rehabilitation. She has had experience working with an assortment of neurological conditions in hospital settings, private physiotherapy clinics and in the community. Colleen has also completed post-graduate work in Soft Tissue Release and NDT

Marisa Martin

Marisa Martin is a Registered Massage Therapist and Certified Acupunturist. Her clinical areas of interest include sports injuries, TMJ, sprains/strains, back pain, headaches and neck pain. When she is not working, Marisa enjoys outdoor activities like cycling, golfing and cross-country skiing.

Leanne Burke

Leanne Burke completed a four year Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honours at the University of Waterloo in Recreation and Leisure Studies - Gerontology Minor. She then went on to Humber College and completed the Physiotherapist Assistant Program with Honours. In the past ten years, She has become especially interested in the administrative, human resource and management side of privately owned businesses. Leanne is well versed in dealing with WSIB, MVA and private health care claims and processing.

Emily Gadzala

Emily is the evening receiptionist and is finishing up her last year of high school. Emily completed a high school co-op placement at InFocus in July and August 2014.

Nancy Samson

Nancy Samson is a Registered Physiotherapist with over 10 years of clinical practice experience. She has worked in a variety of settings including world class hospitals, long term care facilities and speciality clinics. Nancy enjoys working In the field of Neurological Rehabilitation and has taken post graduate training in NDT for management of adults with stroke, brain injury and other Neuromotor disorders. In addition Nancy has done courses on Concussion Management and Vestibular Rehabilitation. She is also proficient in treatment techniques for improving body movement, joint mobility and strengthening muscles. Nancy has worked in neuro rehabilitation focused settings since graduating and continues to remain current and expand her skill set by taking post graduate training courses.

Kelly Cybulski

Kelly is a trained Physiotherapy Assistant. She attended Conestoga College, graduating with distinction. Since then Kelly has gained a wide variety of Physiotherapy experience working in long term care and private clinic settings, some of her most recent work has been with children who have Autism. She is has been trained in concussion management and uses an advanced approach of concussion rehabilitation to guide athletes safely back to their sport. Kelly finds it is very rewarding to see how resilient people can be when they are given the right information and tools to do so.

Michael Mounir

Michael began his journey to becoming a Physiotherapist at York University by completing a specialized honours in Kinesiology. He was employed as a Kinesiologist for 3 years, working with a variety of patients from high level athletes to the geriatric population. Michael then decided to pursue his masters in Physical Therapy in Ireland, which also allowed him to pursue his passion to travel. When Michael is not working he enjoys long distance cycling and playing softball.

Nicole Clelland

Nicole graduated from Conestoga college in the Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist Assistant program in 2018. Since graduation Nicole has been always open to developing, learning different skills and knowledge as a PTA. When Nicole isn’t working she is usually hanging out at home with her puppy Tucker or spending her weekends with her close friends and family. Nicole is very much into traveling and would love to eventually take a few months to see and learn about different places. Her biggest motto in life is “Everything happens for a reason”.


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