Daphne Bennett - Lead With Love

Daphne Bennett - Lead With Love

 Burlington Healer and wellness Coach

Daphne’s life experiences (entrepreneur, leader, wife, mother, daughter, sister, teacher, coach and more…) have led her to her work:

Empowering Others to Lead with Love. Utilizing a framework of three key elements {ABC} she creates learning environments to enlighten,inspire, and transform your life, relationships, health and overall well being: 

Awareness: of thoughts, beliefs, reactions, feelings, needs, strengths.  

Behavior: listening, speaking and acting aligned to your values and the core values of love.  

Choice: making conscious and intentional decisions, causing no harm, no matter what!  

A graduate of several advanced forms of relationship, life and leadership coaching and certified Yoga teacher, she infuses her work with emotional and spiritual intelligence, systems theory, non-violent communication, Yogic and other Sacred Principles. Her experience is based on observation, application, and study having worked with a wide range of individuals and organizations across Canada and Internationally. She blends her leadership, facilitation and coaching skills with her heart felt and down to earth manner to bring new awareness and approaches to living a a heart centred life. 

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YogaSoul Sundays - Off the Mat and Into the World

Series information:
Sundays | Feb 1 – April 5, 2015| 2-4pm
$35+hst per session or $300+hst for the series
info@artofyogastudio.com, tel. 905-541-6156
daphne@daphnebennett.com tel. 647-880-2141

Week 1-5
in the first five sessions we will explore each of the Yamas {restraints}. Yamas can be considered our personal GPS, they tell us when we are going in the wrong direction and let us know when we are making a negative impact on the world and invite us to “turn around” and take a step towards harmony instead.

Week 1) Nonviolence: learning how to move through the everyday challenges of life by drawing on our capacity to proactively practice courage, balance, love of self, and compassion for others.

Week 2) Truthfulness: understand the deeper dynamics of truthfulness and learn to be real rather than nice, choose self-expression over self-indulgence, choose growth over the need to belong, choose fluidity over rigidity.

Week 3) Integrity: calls us to live with integrity and reciprocity. If we are living in fears and lies, our dissatisfaction with ourselves and our lives leads us to look outward, with a tendency to steal what is not rightfully ours.

Week 4) Nonexcess: invites us into an awareness of the sacredness of all of life. This guideline is a call to leave greed and excess behind and walk in this world with wonder and appreciation, attending to each moment as holy

Week 5) Nonpossessiveness:  can also be interpreted as nonattachment, nongreed, nonclinging, nongrasping, and noncoveting; we can simply think of it as being able to “let go” so we can move from attachment to intimacy without possession

Week 6-10

 Niyamas {observances} point us inward to cultivate becoming our best selves. In each of the five sessions we will explore how the practice of 6) Presence, 7) Contentment, 8)Self-discipline, 9) Self-study, and 10) Surrender enable us to:

• Cleanse our speech, our thoughts

• Fall in love with our own life

• Consciously choose discipline and growth

• Know the True Self

• Pay attention to what life is asking of us

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