What You Should Know About Pinterest As a Business Owner

By: Tree Ryde, May 05, 2015
What You Should Know About Pinterest As a Business Owner, Tree Ryde

It’s a pinpalooza out there and you need to be part of it!

I have to confess that Pinterest is one of my favorite social media platforms and one that I, and almost 50 million other users, most often use as well. As a business owner you need to be where people are going to find you. As the 3rd leading social media platform on the internet, don’t you think it’s a good idea to be where those 49,999 million people are looking? I think so too. It’s like setting up a lemonade stand during a heatwave. Easy opportunity for sales, promotion and helping solve a problem!

What is Pinterest?

It is a visual bookmarking website with a nice twist. You use photos to engage and describe your content and create pins. Where does the content come from? The great thing is: anywhere. The other great thing? If you’ve got content on your website, YouTube channel or sites you’ve submitted content too, you can pin it here. Think of Pinterest as a content curator with color.

While the platform is free, you do need to sign up. As a business owner, this is a great opportunity to personalize your Pinterest account with your name, business name, tagline, description and website. Highlight your brand with a unique avatar and add as much information as possible so that online searches also turn up your Pinterest profile. Pinterest provides great resources to help you make the most of Pinterest for Business.

 After you’re set up, you then create boards that will best highlight the content you plan to host there. Do you run physiotherapy clinic? Have boards about techniques, staff bios and upcoming clinics. Are you an esthetician? You could have boards about the products you use, the latest skin care treatments or contests you might be running. All you need are images and links. Hopefully back to your website!

Users of Pinterest are referred to as pinners. Yup. Pinners. I really like the fact that they’ve developed in to such a powerful platform that their own lingo has developed.

Here’s the lowdown on the lingo:

Pin: You add content to one of your boards and pin it there

Pinner: Anyone who uses Pinterest

Pinfeed: When you follow other pinners boards you get notified of that in your Pinterest dashboard / home page

Board: These are like a virtual cork board for your information

RePin: Someone likes your pin and adds it to one of their boards

Pin It: You can add a pin it button to your web browser and whenever you come across an interesting piece of info to share, you pin it and add it to one of your boards. Instant content!

You can also pin articles from business websites and this is one of my favorite perks of being a Pinner. If I find an article and I do not have time to read it right then, I will pin it to my article board and read it later. I can collect information on a wide variety of topics which can then become a resource for anyone following my pins. And this is where you as a business owner can take advantage of this free online platform to spread the word about your knowledge, expertise and business. Did I mention that I can send or share this information/article to my friends and colleagues?

It’s a pinpalooza out there and you need to be part of it!

As a yoga professional, one of the best things about Pinterest is the ability to share poses, relaxation ideas, links to videos, recipes and inspirational quotes that I know my students will find helpful in their practice. I’m sure as a health professional you can think of so many resources to help your patients succeed in their health care journey. Start sharing on Pinterest and help them take another step to a healthy life!

Happy Pinning and Namaste.

After 12 years of being in the rat race of the fashion industry Tree Ryde was looking for something to calm her mind body and soul and she found it in yoga finishing her 200H at Kula Yoga in 2007. She was addicted and wanted to deepen her practice of meditation and study the sub-conscious mind. She became a hypnotist in 2014 and works part time at the Burlington Hypnosis centre. Helping clients with anything from weight loss, quit smoking to nail biting. Tree also loves exercise and cook whenever she can, and is always coming across new recipes that are both delicious and nutritious