2 Tips to get out of the afternoon slump

By: Dr. Elisabeth Bastos ND Aug 24, 2016
Dr. Elisabeth Bastos, Energy Boost, Naturopath

Fire me up!

Do you ever have days when your energy is low?

Like most people, you may have insanely busy days, a full schedule, or are suffering from lack of sleep and when that energy slump strikes mid-afternoon it just doesn’t help. In this Energy Boosters Report, I don’t want to claim that you will instantly be on cloud 9 with energy, as there could be several reasons why that is….but….

these may just be the common sense, forgotten details, that could trigger an awesome spike in much needed vigor to save you time, by allowing you to get closer to becoming an efficient fired up body and mind.
What would you do to have an extra 30minutes, or maybe hour or maybe 2 hours per day because you don’t waste time in a lazy slump anymore? Spend it with loved ones that you never have time to see? Your spouse? Your children? Your best friends? Your business contacts?

Go for a walk?

Hit the gym?

Get an extra hour of tasks done so you don’t have to stay up so late?

Get that manicure that you so desperately need?

First things First:

An important tip:
is to realize that 3pm fatigue may be cortisol related, so get your adrenal health checked out by your favorite Naturopath. Tests like the arroyo sign, saliva hormone panels for cortisol on waking and at your slump time, as well as DHEA and other hormones from the thyroid and sex organs that work as a close team…are part of what is needed to see just how deep your Adrenal trouble goes and if there is any trouble at all.
Treatments that I have found most effective in adrenal trouble include licorice root extracts and teas if you have low blood pressure, homeopathic adrenal extract with a 4ch or 200c potency depending on your body chemistry need and various nervous system balance restoratives as you can fry out your adrenals from handling stress poorly.

Critical Tip 2:
Fatigue post meals is a red flag that you are likely eating foods that don’t work lifelong for your individual body chemistry. This is different then an allergy that can change or an “intolerance IgG test”, or vega or muscle test and different then the blood type diet and once you figure out this mystery it amazingly hits the nail on the head in my experience personally and with over a thousand client visits and based on 2016 Mymop research for clinical significance (Contact me to find out more!). This testing is the oldest Naturopathic test that exists and research proves it to be clinically significant meaning it makes a big difference in how people feel when they have the information and it is lifelong data.

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